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LoL: Should Riot Games review their Death Recap?

LoL: Should Riot Games review their Death Recap?

The summary of one of your deaths in League of Legends is supposed to help you understand what happened to you, what spell you should avoid, or what items to buy to counter it if possible. But it doesn't always work as it should.

LoL: Should Riot Games review their Death Recap?

Low Elo players often underestimate how important their death recap should be . A lot of useful information could be found there , and it can be a good way to progress faster . Only this time, it's not totally the fault of the players if they ignore this feature, because this feature is relatively badly done, and the explanations are very often unclear.

What's wrong at all

We don't really know how the death recap calculates the damage, but there are often big problems with it . The most obvious comes from the Dance of Death . This item stores a certain amount of damage a player would take (30% for melee, 10% for range), before dealing it as true damage over time . Only in your death recap, this damage is properly shown as raw damage. It then becomes difficult to know who inflicted the most damage on you , and whether your next item should protect you against physical or magical damage instead.

In addition, some bugs are sometimes very annoying and force attention to the wrong place. Several players have noticed taking damage from a Teemo when there is none in the game . Inevitably their attention is focused on this totally unexpected source of damage, rather than on useful information. Teemo is also not the only champion who can make unexpected appearances.

The other concern concerns the damage done by objects . It's not uncommon at the start of the season for a good portion of a champion's damage to come directly from one of their items. It doesn't help at all to understand where the damage really comes from and how to dodge it . Ok this object did 40% of the damage but is it because of its active, its passive, or auto attacks ? Being able to identify allows you to better plan your strategy for an upcoming confrontation. If the damage comes from self-attacks, then it's probably better to focus on short exchanges. If it comes from the object's passive, then you have to figure out how to dodge it (stay at a distance to avoid a luden proc, or step back to avoid the Jak'Sho's life drain). And if the majority of the damage comes from an asset, then you have to identify the best time when a champion is going to use it and therefore adapt your strategy (for example, make short trades to avoid activating the Goredrinker once the opponent lost some life).

What should be improved

This part mainly concerns the opposing CCs . If we can see the number of seconds we have been controlled by enemy spells, additional information would not necessarily be a luxury. Know how long such a spell has us CC , how much damage we have taken at this time etc. All this information would make it possible to identify the main threats, and to avoid burning resources stupidly , while remaining at the mercy of the opposing team's best CC.

Avoiding Pantheon's 1 second stun isn't necessarily super useful, but flashing to avoid Morgana's cage which immobilizes me for 3 seconds is much more interesting. While the example here is pretty obvious because many players know Morgana has the longest CC in the game, each character's CC values aren't necessarily known by heart. And in the confusion of a teamfight, it's sometimes hard to pinpoint which skill has held you down the longest .

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