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Twitch: This streamer takes a ban because of … a word

Twitch: This streamer takes a ban because of … a word

Twitch bans are not particularly rare on the platform, even for partners, but some streams remain very strange, such as the one this streamer suffered for using a single word while streaming.

The reason might surprise you, but partner streamer Tyongeee recently suffered her first temporary Twitch ban and for a reason that surprised everyone for once.

Seven day ban for the word spanking

It was yesterday that Tyongeee found out she couldn't stream on her channel anymore and was even more surprised to learn the reason why.

Here is the translation of his tweet including the banning reason:

“My first reason for banning is that I used 'spanking' as a stream tag and they thought my content contained spanking of a sexual nature, when not at all… I'm traveling and planning lots of things but I got banned for some weird reason... Hope this gets fixed soon

She then adds that this ban will last for seven days during which she will have no rights to appear on Twitch as she planned several community and charity events.

The most serious thing about this situation is that it was in her stream tags that she used the word Spanking, not in stream or even in her title. The stream itself didn't contain anything biased either.

Bans too obscure on Twitch?

It's not new, but the rules of Twitch are not necessarily very clear on all points, even less when it comes to the limits of bans.

Many streamers find themselves banned for inexplicable reasons, even if these bans may be removed later they sometimes put streamers in complicated situations which can damage their reputation.

A ban for using words that don't reflect the content is quite surprising and one wonders if it's really legitimate. For the moment his ban has not yet been lifted and his projects are therefore threatened for the simple use of a tag.

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