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Nomad Genshin Impact: Is Scaramouche too OP for the game?

Nomad Genshin Impact: Is Scaramouche too OP for the game?

The nomad or Scaramouche is perhaps a little too strong for Genshin Impact and players have already used it well!

Available since December 7 with the arrival of Patch 3.3 of Genshin Impact the Nomad formerly better known as Scaramouche, this new Anemo-type character caused a stir upon its release and really impacted the meta.

Scaramouche too strong for Genshin Impact?

Many testimonials showed examples of why the unit was too strong (in a good way) for the game. Whether on Reddit or on the networks, many videos of Scaramouche destroying his opponents. One of the best examples of Scaramouche's exploits is a video posted by u/Crafty-Enthusiasm on Reddit where this player manages to beat Raiden Shogun in just 13 seconds.

Of course, we didn't have to wait for the arrival of Scaramouche to perform such times, but the performance is nonetheless impressive for the brand new character of Genshin Impact and we could ask ourselves questions about the overall difficulty of the game. .

Genshin Impact getting too easy?

The expression "power creep" may ring a bell, this expression common to many gacha refers to the successive rise in power of the units released one by one by the teams of a game and the tendency to increase the stats / abilities.

This situation is very present in Genshin Impact, indeed more and more units come out and these are stronger and stronger from the first moment. In itself, this is not a problem at all and is very logical over time. The only concern with power creep comes when the difficulty of the game is not the rise in power of the characters, and there, the problem is obvious on Genshin Impact.

While increasing the difficulty of the game is rather simple with, for example, the addition of a level of world or artefact dungeon, Genshin Impact remains at a rather low level to favor the casual experience. You could argue that the abyss is difficult but after playing around a bit you too could finish it with only two characters per team.

Genshin Impact needs more difficulty, optional for sure, but necessary to keep some of its players.

For more guides and tips on Genshin Impact, do not hesitate to consult our complete walkthrough of the game with all the character builds, the location of the resources to be collected in the world of Teyvat or the quests for each update.

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