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Genshin Impact 3.4: This character is getting nerfs like you've never seen

Genshin Impact 3.4: This character is getting nerfs like you've never seen

For many fans, it's a real massacre that Hoyoverse has indulged in when it comes to balancing this new character. Scheduled for patch 3.4, it now has little chance of upsetting the meta. Is this assassination in order legitimate?

Genshin Impact 3.4: This character is getting nerfs like you've never seen

Hoyoverse has good reason to closely monitor the stats of new Genshin Impact characters, even before they are released on global servers. But sometimes, one wonders if the Chinese studio is not being a little too zealous, as was the case very recently with Alhaitham . Still in the making on the RPG test domains, the headliner of patch 3.4 had his knees broken by the editor, with very rough nerves.

Many fans who were impatiently awaiting this new character fell from the top.

The most violent wave of nerfs in the history of the game?

Since the reveal of his skill set and his stats on the test servers, we knew that Alhaitham was going to be a good character. On paper, he was going to be the light at the end of the tunnel for the Dendro element; a good DPS to combine with previous outings.

But there ; Hoyoverse has put a stop to the hopes of Alhaitham fans (already numerous). His kit has been nerfed in every way, in proportions that are difficult to explain. The character clearly changes range here.

When is Alhaitham coming out?

Alhaitham is expected in the very first banners of patch 3.4, scheduled for January 18, 2023 . The recent nerfs applied to him don't mean that this DPS won't be worth pulling anymore, far from it, but they are something to consider if you want to make it your hand . Granted, it's always best for nerfs to happen BEFORE we spend primogems to get a character, but this blunt Hoyoverse move keeps fans questioning.

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