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Twitch: This streamer reveals the terrifying reasons why she won't do IRL

Twitch: This streamer reveals the terrifying reasons why she won't do IRL

IRL streams are becoming more popular on Twitch and yet some content creators are still reluctant to get started. This is the case of this popular streamer on the platform who recently shared her concerns about this type of broadcast.

As streams have become more and more popular through Twitch, a new way of broadcasting has gradually appeared on the channels of content creators: the IRL stream. Democratized by regulars like PapeSan on the French-speaking side, this type of live broadcast radically changes from the most popular at present, which consists of streaming from a fixed location.

Now, IRL streamers take their camera and go explore various places on our dear planet. In addition to being quite entertaining, IRL streams allow viewers to discover new places/countries. A great way to travel without moving from your sofa.

Yet some popular content creators on Twitch are still hesitant to get started. This is the case of xChocobars who recently spoke during one of his streams.

"I feel like the world is so dangerous"

It was during a Among Us stream with friends that the content creator with 960,000 followers on Twitch expressed her concern. After receiving a rather negative comment saying "you haven't been through anything, you haven't even started living" , the streamer retorted "I feel like I've been through a lot" . She then adds that it also includes many negative experiences , which make her feel like the outside world is quite dangerous.

"I feel like this world is so dangerous, and even more so as a woman. I feel like if I started to 'really live' I would literally die."
xChocoBars (Source)

"That's why I don't really go out"

The streamer continues her explanations, saying that she hasn't really had any luck regarding her interactions with other people. She then evokes an attempted kidnapping when she was little , but also many people who would have tried to follow her in her city of residence, or even stalkers whom she clearly does not want to cross paths with.

"I had this stalker who was in Vegas in a CVS or something screaming my name, like, 'Janet Rose, where are you?' or something like that, even though I don't live in Vegas. And what was creepy was I had a friend that lived in Vegas and she DMed me like this, 'This guy is going crazy in the CVS shouting your name.'"
xChocoBars (Source)

It is for all these reasons that xChocoBars does not want to stream IRL. According to her, her stalkers could recognize the place from which she is streaming live and then find her. This represents a significant risk.

Unfortunately, cases of harassment are very real and concern a majority of female streamers who, because of this, do not dare to get into IRL. Finally, xChocoBars ends by saying that we must stop blaming women and that it is time for comments similar to the one she received to stop. She says it, she lives well but will not take unnecessary risks.

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