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Diablo Immortal: a class balancing patch announced by Blizzard

Diablo Immortal: a class balancing patch announced by Blizzard

While maintenance is expected to introduce the new Battle Pass as well as a hotfix patch to D:I today, PezRadar mentioned some slightly larger additions during the month of July. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to reverse the current trend.

In more ways than one, this July 7 is a turning point for Diablo Immortal, since players will soon be able to discover the content of the new update, as well as Battle Pass 2 . But don't expect anything extraordinary. The game is currently in maintenance, the blog and the patch notes should arrive at the end of the afternoon . This first patch of July should mainly introduce various fixes, as well as a new event.

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A second patch in July for Diablo Immortal

As Diablo Immortal does not have dedicated forums, one must once again turn to PezRadar's posts on Reddit for information. For the record, he acts as a community manager for the entire Diablo license. The second patch, slated for "later" in July, is considered the first major content patch. In his words, the development team needs more time to prepare it, but it should include changes made to classes, as well as other elements, without further details.

One thing is certain, it is that the list of modifications to be made to the game in order to calm players down, and potentially bring back some of those who have already left, is extremely long. Here is a small list of urgently expected changes. We don't know if any of these items will be fixed with the patch on July 7, or with the one planned for later this month. See the following as a list of requests that might be considered urgent:

  • Fixed battleground queues, AFKs in battlegrounds, and overwhelming advantage given to defenders.
  • Removed player count requirement for Dungeons and Lairs in Hell 1 and above.
  • Overhauled Immortals activities, with the addition of a Vault defense queue, among other things.
  • Much more generous daily rewards, across all aspects of the game.

An imminent release in Asia

Remember that Diablo Immortal is also due out in Asia on July 7, which should happen in a few hours, with the time difference. Many players are wondering about the changes made to this new version of the game, and whether or not it will be released in China. The game is not dead yet, far from it, but the next few days will certainly have a large influence on its future.

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