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Blood Rose Diablo Immortal: World boss, position, how to beat her?

Blood Rose Diablo Immortal: World boss, position, how to beat her?

One of Blizzard's F2P MMO bosses appears in a dark corner of the woods, but proves difficult for many players to beat. Discover our guide with its position and know what to do to manage its suction and its life drain.

There are several World Bosses in Diablo Immortal, and the Blood Rose is probably the best known, as it is faced during the main story (in a weaker form), and it is also very easy to encounter in game by the following. But what makes the Blood Rose notable is its ability to survive a huge group of players indefinitely, if they don't handle the fight well.

Let's start by clarifying that you don't need to be in a group, nor to be the first to attack the Blood Rose to be entitled to experience and loot . Just attack it once and be in the zone.

Location and appearance of the Blood Rose

You can find this boss in the same place as during the main story, in the alcove northwest of the Darkwoods , not far from the relay: Blood Rose. We can say that this is good! She can be faced in Normal mode, or in Hell 1+ mode.

If she is killed, she will respawn a little later, the exact time is TBC, but it seems to be between 15 and 30 minutes. A message is sent to all players shortly before it respawns, giving them time to get there.

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Battle against the Blood Rose

Know that you can beat this boss with 2 or 3 players (even less) without difficulty if they play well. The boss' hitpoints increase with the number of players in the area , so it can have 2-3 million, or more than 20 million. It is certainly the boss for which the difficulty increases the most with the number of players, since it will regularly use a life drain technique. More targets means there's a higher chance of people failing, which will regenerate his entire health.

It must be said clearly, if you are on this boss and she regenerates all her life more than once, it is better to leave, you are wasting your time . It is to be expected that a lot of players will not know how to deal with the boss, and she will continuously heal herself. You can literally spend an hour on it and accomplish nothing. You either have to get people to get bored and leave, or come back later, or during an off-peak hour.

The abilities of the blood rose are rather classic:

  • A large laser that sweeps the area, you can dodge it by standing on the sides, or crossing it with a movement ability that makes you invincible (Reckless Strike, Teleportation).
  • Pools of blood in the area, avoid standing in it.
  • Long thorny vines that strike a line in the area in front of it, it is necessary to get out of it before the attack.
  • The appearance of servants of the countess to kill, they do not pose a great threat.

Manage the suction

  • The real difficulty of the fight is her suction, she starts using it after losing one or two life bars, then she will use it regularly. There is no silver bullet, when she prepares her attack, which makes a characteristic noise, players have to move away, especially those in melee. You then have to run in the opposite direction in order to keep your distance and fight against the wind.
  • If you're really struggling and you're playing from a distance, you can also hide to the left of the area and use the terrain to block yourself when she sucks.
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