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Martanos Diablo Immortal: Position and how to beat him?

Martanos Diablo Immortal: Position and how to beat him?

Lord Martanos is a Zakarum paladin who became a world boss in Mount Zavain in Blizzard's F2P MMO. Follow our guide to find out how to summon it, then defeat it, in order to get your hands on its nice loot.

Martanos is certainly the easiest World Boss to come across in Diablo Immortal, although defeating him may be much more difficult if you don't have a party. He can still be killed solo or in a duo, though, if you play well.

Position of Lord Martanos

To start, go to the Zakarum Cemetery, northwest of Mount Zavain . There is a relay nearby. You can see its precise position on the map below.

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Unlike some other bosses like the Hydra and the Sandstone Golem, Martanos can be faced in Normal mode, at level 60, but you can also do it in Hell mode 1 and above. Once there, there are several possibilities. Another player may have already summoned Martanos, and the boss is waiting for you in the room. Just attack him then. Otherwise, try activating the Tomb Altar in front of the sarcophagus. If it's charged, the boss will spawn, otherwise you'll have to wait up to 30 minutes to summon it .

As Martanos is a World Boss, you don't need to be in a group to face him. If you attack him at least once, you will be entitled to loot when he dies.

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Battle with Lord Martanos

To begin with, in order to avoid living the same nightmare as with the Blood Rose and the Hydra, we must insist on one point: do not leave the room in which Martanos is summoned. Going to the sides is acceptable, but do not go over the stairs, and do not try to bring it into the previous room.

The peculiarity of this boss is that he is in a room full of monsters, and they reappear quite quickly. This can include groups of blue or even yellow elite monsters. It's a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it will make the fight very chaotic and increase the damage taken. Paladins with their invincibility shield are very annoying, especially if they use it on the boss. It is therefore necessary to try to clean the room constantly in order to have peace. The advantage is that it will drop orbs, and it will recharge your healing potion. It helps to stay alive as long as needed, if you handle small enemies well.

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Martanos behaves like a Crusader, but without his horse (fortunately). He hits very hard in melee, so keep your distance if that's not your area of focus. He also uses several ranged attacks, such as the spinning shield. This attack is vicious, since it will knock you back and potentially hit you many times, if you are right in its path. It is quite possible to die with a single shield, especially if it blocks you on an obstacle.

Pay attention to the blue areas on the ground, it's a coronation of the boss. It does damage over time, you can quickly go inside, but don't dwell on it.


Martanos drops yellow Arcane Dust and miscellaneous items. You might get a legendary with luck, but it's not guaranteed. We will especially remember Jered Cain's Vision Vessel for the Horadrim Heritage Sanctuary, but only in the Hell 1+ version of the boss . And you must have unlocked this feature before, otherwise the object does not fall.

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