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Diablo Immortal: The most poorly rated game of the license, it generates crazy sums

Diablo Immortal: The most poorly rated game of the license, it generates crazy sums

Despite the endless criticism that Diablo Immortal has received since its release, downloads do not show any sign of decreasing, thus bringing monumental sums to Activision Blizzard.

It seems that Diablo Immortal has not finished talking about him. Despite criticism that continues to rain from the public and journalists since the release of the game a little over a month ago, the sums of money amassed thanks to the various microtransactions, they do not have any. finished growing.

A disastrous reception

It's no scoop, Diablo Immortal was extremely poorly received by audiences and critics alike, and even became the lowest-rated game of any Blizzard franchise. With a user score of 0.3 for the PC version on Metacritic , it even becomes the worst rated PC game by users in the history of the site, not far behind the iOs version at 0.4.

The source of these criticisms is undoubtedly linked in large part to microtransactions, and particularly to the monetization of progress - in other words the practice "Pay to win", or the more measured "Pay to fast" - on Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal

A financial success

According to an article by Mobilegamer after analyzing data from AppMagic – a tool for studying the mobile application market – Diablo Immortal would generate the modest sum of one million dollars a day. A generous total of 49 million dollars since its release on June 2, 2022, or a good ten million downloads.

The game would have reached its peak 10 days after its release, with no less than 2.4 million dollars just on the day of June 11.

Still according to, it would be the biggest launch in Blizzard's history, since Diablo III had only reached 10 million sales 6 weeks after its release.

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