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Tomb of Fahir Diablo Immortal Dungeon: Dungeon, set

Tomb of Fahir Diablo Immortal Dungeon: Dungeon, set

Several instances that can be done solo or in a group await you in the Diablo mobile game. Full of enemies, bosses, and loot, these are great ways to quickly farm XP as well as progress through your Battle Pass. This is the third dungeon, Tomb of Fahir.

Diablo Immortal's third dungeon is located west of the game's 4th area: Shassar Sea. With a minimum level requirement of 28 , he too will pit you against hordes of undead and sand horrors like Lacunis and tons of spiders before reaching the hidden master of the necropolis: Segithis.

Fahir's Tomb

Divided into 3 zones, this dungeon is one of the longest if you want to explore everything, but the enemy density is not very high. That doesn't make it a great place to farm Paragon levels. There are, however, quite a few optional chests to open if you wish in the first area, 10 in total, although they don't often include good stuff. It is better to limit yourself to the cash in the right room.

Diablo Immortal

Start by taking the corridors on the left, there are several chests in the area, and a room that even has 5 of them. mostly seems to summon enemies or bring them back to life.

Next, head to the right area of the level, there are 3 chests, elites that can pop out of the ceiling, and the Icon of Souls miniboss. This one fires a big blue laser that will sweep the area. You can dodge it by sticking to its flanks in melee. He will also summon enemies as reinforcements.

If you decide to farm this dungeon in speed run mode, you can divide the group and send 2 players on each side to kill the icons at the same time before going to open the door of the first boss, Fahir himself.

Boss Fahir

This gigantic undead emerges from the pit, it does not move, but it rotates. Besides his powerful melee attacks, he has two notable techniques. The first is a fairly dangerous orange rotating triple laser. Ideally, it is better to go to the other side of the boss to dodge them while continuing to attack. The other is a huge charged AOE. He will raise his scepter and prepare his attack before releasing it in an area centered on him. You can either walk away to avoid the damage or take it, they are normally non-lethal if you have full health. By putting your back to a pillar, it won't throw you backwards, which will save you time.

Diablo Immortal

After Fahir's death, move forward into the room, but don't stand in front of the door. The next boss will attack through it. After its animation, continue in the next area until you reach the elevator. Waves of enemies will spawn, along with a huge Grave Borer. Just avoid standing in front of him during the fight.

Once he's defeated, you'll drop into the last area with the last boss in the area.

Diablo Immortal

Boss Segithis

This huge undead spider must be killed in several phases. Start by destroying his two front legs, being wary of his area sweeping technique between them. She'll also shoot web in a large circular area, and spit poison balls that bounce around the room. So keep an eye on the areas on the ground and the trajectory of the balls.

Once the legs are destroyed, the head of the boss becomes vulnerable, attack it. When it's damaged enough, Segithis will get back up and will need to destroy additional legs before it can attack the head again.

Set Items

Like all dungeons, Fahir's Tomb contains set (green) items that can be found on Hell difficulty 1 and above. As it is quite complex and divided between the different difficulty levels, we invite you to consult our guide to item sets. There is one piece of each set available in this dungeon, 2 per difficulty mode.

  • Feet : Wind-trods of Shal'baas - Tomb of Fahir (Hell 1)
  • Size : Issatar Contained - Tomb of Fahir (Hell 1)
  • Neck : Shepherd and Architech - Tomb of Fahir (Hell 2)
  • Hands : Hurtling Steel - Fahir's Tomb (Hell 2)
  • Finger : Shameless Urge - Tomb of Fahir (Hell 4)
  • Finger : The Turnkey - Fahir's Tomb (Hell 4)
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