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The Foreshadowing Quests are here in Fortnite

With challenges that will appear regularly until the very end of Season 6, the Warning Signs series brings the storyline of Season 7, and lays the groundwork for a new episode of the Battle Royale.

The best Warzone LW3 - Tundra loadout to use

Snipers in Warzone are proving popular once again thanks to constant weapon balancing changes. The LW3 - Tundra is one of the strongest snipers to be using in the battle royale. Here are the best attachments to equip.

How to resist status effects in Biomutant

Heat, Cold, Radioactivity, Hypoxia and Biohazard: harmful environmental effects are present everywhere in Biomutant. Our guide shows you how to resist them.

Biomutant: How to get the Biohazard Suit

Biohazard zones in Biomutant are almost impossible to explore if you don't have the right equipment or the right amount of resistance. Here's a guide to help you find the Biohazard Suit.

How to improve the crowbar on Biomutant

An essential tool during your adventure on Biomutant, the crowbar will allow you to open several doors behind which hides rare loot. Here is a complete guide to leveling it up via Pebble's quest.

Biomutant Guide: How to get the Heatzone Suit

Heat is a serious effect of pollution in Biomutant. Constantly overheating, it will be too difficult for you to move around. Here is a guide to help you improve your stamina and find the Heatzone Suit.

FFXIV 5.55: How to Unlock Zadnor

Here is how to unlock Zadnor, the new instanced duty of FFXIV brought with Patch 5.55 of the game. This is the zone where you'll be able to find the Dalriada Raid.

Biomutant Guide: How to get the Anti Radiation Suit

The radioactive zones in Biomutant are virtually inexplorable if you do not have the right equipment or sufficient resistance percentage. Here is how to complete the quest to unlock the Anti Radiation Suit.

Biomutant: How to get the Coldzone Suit

Cold is a severe pollution issue in Biomutant. In constant hypothermia, you will have a hard time moving. Here's a guide to help you improve your Cold resistance.

Biomutant Guide: How to get the Oxygen Suit

Hypoxia is a serious effect of pollution in Biomutant. With the lack of oxygen, it will be too difficult for you to move around. Here is a guide to help you improve your stamina and find the Oxygen Suit.

The best Warzone Swiss K31 loadout to use

Since its addition to Warzone, the Swiss K31 sniper rifle has gradually increased in popularity. Find out the best combination of attachments to equip on this bolt-action beast.

The best Warzone Pelington loadout to use

Thanks to recent tuning to Warzone's sniper rifles, the Pelington is arguably one of the best to use in a match. Here are the very best attachments to equip.

Burning Crusade Classic: Gruul's Lair Raid Guide

Gruul's Lair is a World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Phase 1 raid. It can be found in Hellfire Peninsula, and is made up of two bosses. Our raid guide helps you take them down as swiftly as possible.

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