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V Rising: What is the maximum item level?

While waiting for a roadmap and the addition of new content, already planned by the developers, let's see what is the max level for your vampire on V Rising. Note that the game will be in early access for a year and therefore things may change in a few months.

Quartz V Rising: Where to find it to make glass

Useful for the construction of the castle but especially for the making of stone of the plague, the glass is a primordial resource in V Rising. And to get it, you will need to find Quartz in large quantities. Here are the best spots.

How do I find a Deployable Turret?

Dealing damage to vehicles using a deployable turret is one of the quests for the last week of the season! You should know that there is a secret place to complete this challenge in less than two. We show it to you in this dedicated guide.

Where to find a Railgun?

This week, futuristic IO weapons are in the spotlight! Several weekly quests will require you to pull the trigger on your Railgun, a rare and powerful weapon. We show you where to find one easily.

Fishing V Rising: How to fish, 3 points to know everything

A quick fishing crash course in this new V Rising guide to make sure you don't miss out on those harvesting spots that can pay off big, with minimal time investment. From crafting the rod to the highest level fishing points, we tell you everything.

Stone Brick V Rising: How to make it?

In this short guide, dedicated to a new resource in V Rising, we will see how to make stone bricks using the grinder. They will then be used to build a more resistant castle and with already much more presence.

Solo V Rising: Our tips for surviving as a solitary vampire

We give you all the keys to survive solo on V Rising, with a new batch of tips that should set the tone and clarify some initial objectives. Between gameplay and farm optimization, how to play the lone wolf on the survival of the creators of Battlerite.

V Rising, iron ore: Best farm spot on the map, it's overkill

Do you want to stop worrying about ores from the V Rising iron resource? Then you've come to the right place, with the best spot to hope to fill your stoves in the shortest possible time in this new guide dedicated to the important resources of the game.

Iron V Rising: Where to find this ore and how to harvest it?

After the Stone Age, the Iron Age, but to succeed in making the iron ingots necessary to improve the heart of your castle, there will be work. In this V Rising guide, we show you where the famous iron ore deposits are, and how to exploit them with your weapons.

V Rising: How to farm leather quickly thanks to the giant rat

Fairly early in the game, you have a way to automate part of your leather production, relying on the animal skins provided by the vermin nest. Let's see together how to proceed so that the skins are never a problem again.

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