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Nibbles Cyberpunk 2077: Position, how to get the cat?

Nibbles Cyberpunk 2077: Position, how to get the cat?

V can unlock the ultimate luxury option in Night City: having a pet in his apartment. Since Patch 1.6, it can also be integrated into photo mode, which makes it all the more valuable. Here is a guide to find it.

In the universe of Cyberpunk 2077, animals have almost disappeared, which is not particularly surprising, given the pollution and the problems related to food. Even humans struggle to eat properly, so it's no wonder the animals ended badly. However, there are still a few cats, which survive thanks to the generosity of a few citizens. But on paper, no one owns them, since animals are normally for the ultra-rich, and the tax on them is simply absurdly high. If that doesn't discourage you, you can blackmail the naked feline named Nibbles. He then goes to hang out at V's apartment, which makes it easy to play and interact with.

Cyberpunk 2077

Get Nibbles

  • The first step is to get Cat Food . You can buy it in food shops , as well as in some places in the game.
  • Then you need to have completed the Playing For Time mission, and be in Act 2 of the game, in order to have Johnny Silverhand.
  • Exit V's starting apartment, in Megabuilding H10, then turn left. Follow the corridor, then turn right when possible. You will see a trash can and a Shard called "feed the cat".
  • An empty bowl is below, you have to interact with it in order to fill it with cat food.
  • Leave the building and come back later.
  • After a while, you will find the cat eating from the bowl. If you interact with Nibbles, you will be offered the "Pick up the cat" option.
  • From this point, Nibbles will become a permanent resident of your apartment.
  • You can interact with Nibbles in the apartment, for example in the laundry basket, Johnny also has a special interaction with him.
  • Since Patch 1.6, a Photo Mode option allows you to add Nibbles to the screen, even when not in your apartment.

Trivia about cats in Cyberpunk 2077

  • It's funny to note that Nibbles is a reference to the Witcher 3 cat that is called Nibbles, which appears at various points in the game, in the background, in cutscenes, in paintings and such.
  • There is a second similar cat in town, Mr. Brightman, who can be seen near Viktor the Charcudoc, but he cannot be adopted.
  • Nibbles can also interact with your Pet Iguana if you own it.
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