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Adam Smasher Cyberpunk 2077: how to beat him?

Adam Smasher Cyberpunk 2077: how to beat him?

The last boss of CP2077 is the main antagonist of the license, the personal enemy of Johnny Silverhand. Here is a guide to help you more easily desolder this big combat cyborg who thinks he is the Terminator, regardless of your build and your weapons.

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, there are people full of cyberware, the cyberpsychos, and there is Adam Smasher. One can legitimately wonder how he preserved the slightest hint of rationality in his state, when he has been almost entirely mechanical for decades. But that only makes it more dangerous, since it is both very resistant and very well armed. But don't worry, even on maximum difficulty, he can be beaten, after all, a player has demonstrated this by killing him with a dildo in the face.

Where to find Adam Smasher?

Unfortunately, you will never be able to cross him outside of a few main missions which will limit your freedom of action. You will have the opportunity to loot his property and occasionally kill his subordinates, but nothing more.

The best way to take on Adam Smasher is to run the Nocturne Op55N1 mission. He always acts as the final boss, no matter who you asked for help, be it Panam, Johnny and Rogue, or Hanako. He will always intervene at the end, and the fight will take place in a large room in the Arasaka Tower. He can also be faced in the secret end mission (Dont' Fear) The Reaper , which has the same format, but with a much higher overall difficulty.

Cyberpunk 2077


As V is at the end of the line, a good part of your cyberware does not function correctly during this fight. Luckily, your conventional arsenal and hacking protocols should do the trick no matter your playstyle. Of course, approaching this fight with a high-level, very well-equipped character is strongly advised. It is better to be level 18+ if you asked for help from a faction, and level 40+ or even maximum if you do the suicide mission. Also remember to store consumables, ammunition and healing items.

  • As a rule of thumb, it's best to avoid melee combat with Adam unless that's really the core of your build. He will seek to reach you in melee and give you huge devastating punches. Shooting him in the head while backing up is a proven tactic. When things get a little too hot, take cover.
  • The servers are destructible, so they will not protect you from fire for long, unlike the columns in the room.
  • To make the fight easier, you can destroy the different parts of the boss, especially its two arms , which will reduce its offensive capabilities.
  • Once his health is low enough, Smasher will use his jetpack and land on a high bridge, with waves of reinforcements. Now is the time to take cover while using your grenades and other area-of-effect weapons. Once the two waves of enemies have been destroyed, Adam will return to the arena.
  • Now Adam Smasher will use his shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. As with his arms, aim specifically to destroy him .
  • Unarmed, Adam Smasher is far less dangerous, and you can finish him off by focusing on his ugly head. Don't underestimate him too much either, keep your distance and heal yourself as needed.
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