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Gimme Danger Cyberpunk 2077: Quest, reconnaissance and infiltration options

Gimme Danger Cyberpunk 2077: Quest, reconnaissance and infiltration options

One of the main Cyberpunk missions that gives you the most freedom is certainly this one, carried out in the company of Takemura. Here is an explanatory guide, with the different approaches and possible options, in order to make the right choice.

It's always nice to come across one of Cyberpunk 2077's missions that gives you real freedom of action. If you redo the game several times, you can have fun doing it in different different ways. It is also one of the very few missions that offers a unique option depending on your starting origin (Corpo). Suffice to say that if you play one, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to do a little role play.

Unlock Main Mission Gimme Danger

You just have to have completed the main mission "The heist". Once recovered, contact Takemura on the phone and join him to start this mission. Be aware, however, that you don't have to do it immediately, you can explore the rest of Night City before progressing through the main story.

Cyberpunk 2077


  • The beginning of the mission is rather classic. Join Goro Takemura to discuss your plan. Collect the shard with the virus, then enter the Security Station. You can force the door with 6 of Constitution, or go through the ventilation duct above the distributor for lack of better.
  • Activate the terminal, then return to Goro.
  • Takemura is going to tell you about his recon mission at Arasaka Industrial Park . This is an important moment, you must offer your help . If you don't participate, the options available for the sequel will be extremely limited. It's also a good way to socialize with Takemura, which may matter later. Unless you're attempting a speedrun, participate in recon.
  • Agree to go to the industrial park in his company, in order to be transported directly there, without having to make the trip.
Cyberpunk 2077

Scouting mission (optional)

If you offered to help Goro (which you should), follow him around the construction site, then scan the important elements of the base, in order to unlock new approaches.

  • Scan the different elements like antennas, air duct, radar antenna, front door, etc.
  • Next, scan vehicles entering the base from the right.
  • Origin Corp : Scan the guard on the sidewalk, on the left, to obtain new information. If your origin is Corpo, this will help you infiltrate the base.

    Then talk to Takemura, you can also mention Jackie's body, if it was sent to Viktor. Then, return to the street, then choose how to carry out the infiltration.

Cyberpunk 2077

undercover mission

  • No matter how you infiltrate the base, remember to search container N°667, at the bottom left of the base. Inside, you will find an armed mine to be deactivated, then a box with the iconic weapon "Prototype: Shingen Mark". This is a great smart gun. Please note that you can pick it up after the mission, if you forgot it. The database remains permanently accessible.
  • There is also a sliver of perks in the base security post. There is a second burst of benefits after the underpass.
  • In any case, no matter how you enter, your objective will always be to hack the terminal in the base's main room, with the pockmarked shard.
Cyberpunk 2077

Conventional seepage

  1. You can use the jump module to climb on the transformer against the base wall and then jump over the wall. You can also go over the bridge this way, if you don't mind the guns talking. Initiating a base-wide clash is dangerous enough, but it's a viable option.
  2. If this is not the case, return to the construction site , neutralize the guards, then climb into the area to access the bridge.
  3. A good idea during your infiltration and to make a detour through the security post, in order to collect a shard of advantages , and to disable the cameras of the complex. You can then descend the stairs under the security post, in order to reach an underground passage which leads into the main building. Collect the second shard of benefits found there.
  4. Once in the main building, climb the stairs to reach the high walkways, and the security room with the terminal to hack.
Cyberpunk 2077

Carried infiltration

If you have scanned one of the vehicles that must enter the base, go there, then force the driver to stop, threatening him with your weapon. You need 6 constitution to eject him and take the wheel. Drive normally to enter the base, then disable the local camera. Climb on the barrels then on the tank in height, in order to enter the main building.

Corporate Infiltration

As a former Corp, if you scanned the guard on the phone to the left of the base, in front of the annex entrance, you have an easy option. Go talk to him, and pretend to be a security inspector so you can roam freely around the base. This has the merit of being simple, unless you want to kill everything.

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