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Beat on the Brat Cyberpunk 2077: Become the champion of Night City

Beat on the Brat Cyberpunk 2077: Become the champion of Night City

Cyberpunk boxing matches are really not easy, between the questionable hitboxes, the first person view and the fact that your character is not necessarily adapted to this practice. Here's a guide to help you out.

Beat on the Brat Cyberpunk 2077: Become the champion of Night City

You would think that hunting Cyberpsychos or getting the different endings of Cyberpunk 2077 is the most difficult part of the program. But no, not at all, it's beating up the local bullies with your fists that will make you sweat as a player.

This quest starts very early in the story, just after the tutorial mission with Jackie. The next day, when leaving your apartment, you can talk to Coach Fred in order to face his combat bot. After an easy victory, he offers you to organize fights all over the city for money. Of course, you have to accept to find out what happens next.

Cyberpunk 2077

Preparations to facilitate combat

Before you embark on the quagmire of this quest that will probably stay on your hands until the end of the game, here are some tips that should make things much easier:

  • Do not hesitate to go to the matches with a very high level. You have dozens of contracts in reserve, you don't have to start here.
  • The Constitution Attribute is by far the best asset here, combined with the Street Fighting Skill progression. If, as a bonus, you invest a few points in the best Advantages of the tree, the difficulty will be greatly reduced. The Reflex Attribute is also a good investment.
  • Some Charcudocs sell prosthetic forearms, what you want here are Legendary Gorilla Arms , which you'll slot performance upgrades into. There are also different implants that will help you greatly, such as those that increase maximum life, regenerate it, or increase your melee damage. If necessary, you can save this series of missions for the end, and adopt implants optimized for its realization. Then go through all the fights at once, then equip your normal implants.
  • You can also take consumables BEFORE the start of the fight, to improve endurance and its regeneration for example. All the food you collect has got to be good for something.
  • Remember to save before talking to the NPC who starts the fight.
Cyberpunk 2077

Strategy during battles

There's more than one way to win matches, you can try out the different approaches and see what works best for you:

  • The simplest and classic is to send a charged punch to break the guard or trip the opponent, then follow up with quick punches before moving away to catch your breath. When the enemy comes towards you, start again. It is especially necessary to be wary of the sequences of enemy blows when your powerful blow is missed or that it does not put the target on the ground. Do not chain the blows too much, otherwise you will be pushed back, and a combo can follow.
  • A more technical approach is to counter enemy blows by raising your guard with the right timing. However, it is risky, especially at high difficulty. But you can maintain your guard in the worst case and then follow up with attacks when the enemy takes a break.
  • For opponents who use a displacement implant and zigzag as they move forward, all it takes is a side dodge or even a simple side step at the end to dodge them and give yourself an opportunity to attack them.
  • Absolutely avoid combos of quick attacks with a knee strike, followed by a kick and a return punch while advancing, it is the big killer of these matches. Do side dodges rather than backing up.
  • If you are really having trouble with this quest, you can exploit one of the many bugs in the game, voluntarily or not. It happens that the enemy gets stuck in the edges of the "ring", in this case, he is content to provoke you, without defending himself or counter-attacking. This gives an easy win. You can attempt to cause this bug by maintaining pressure on the opponent with powerful blows to force them back.

Beat on the Brat: Kabuki

Recommended level: 5 - The next step is to go face the twins not far away, in Kabuki. Save before starting the fight, since they have a good chance of kicking your ass on high difficulty. We advise you to bet a larger amount of money too, since in any case, you will have to load the game in case of defeat.

Individually, the twins are not very formidable, but as you know all too well, strength also comes in numbers. We advise you to turn around them and try to keep one of the siblings between you and his twin, in this way, they cannot attack you at the same time, nor with a close timing. Also try to focus your attacks on the same opponent, once it becomes a duel you will almost win.

Beat on the Brat: Arroyo

Recommended level: 22 -

With 10 points in constitution, you can convince your opponent to bet his gun, if you agree to bet 12,000 Eurodollars. In case of victory, Buck and his men turn out to be sore losers, and you will have to kill them all using your conventional weapons. Needless to say, it's more expeditious like that. You then recover the iconic O'Five rifle, but the money is not recovered.

An alternative is to just bet money, in order to double your bet. There is then no fight against Buck. See what you prefer.

Cyberpunk 2077

Beat on the Brat: Pacifica

Recommended level: 28 - An optional step that requires you to have completed a preliminary quest in order to unlock your opponent. You will receive a mysterious call to serve as a driver, then you will have to transport a certain Ozob Bozo by car as part of the " Send in the clowns " mission. After completing his mission, this will unlock a fight in Pacifica. Make sure you go with plenty of cash (at least 32,000 Eurodollars), which will allow you to pocket big if you win. This also makes it the most profitable mission in history. We aimed for his grenade conk, but we never managed to detonate it, so attack without fear.

Cyberpunk 2077

Beat on the Brat: The Glen

Recommended level: 28 - Before the start of the fight, negotiate with Caesar to increase the amount bet and obtain his car as a reward in the event of victory. This confrontation is easy since your opponent can do almost only one thing, step back to use his accelerated zigzag charge. Dodge laterally then beat him up. Step back and invite him to start again, until you have won. At the end of the fight, you can decide to leave him the car, the money, both if you have a (too) big heart, or take everything. We advise you to take everything. Giving her a gift will keep you in touch after the finale, but it doesn't lead to anything of note unless you want to see her newborn.

Rancho Coronado: Animal Champion

Recommended level: 30 - The serious things start here, but several options are available to you. By default, you have to intimidate the doorman, pay him, or enter through one of the side doors. And there are no bets, which is a shame. In any case, your opponent is strong, put into practice what you have learned and pay attention to his overpowered blows. You can win this match by default if you have completed the "For My Son" mission and eliminated Coach Rhino before.

Cyberpunk 2077


Recommended level: 35+

Having won all previous matches (except Pacifica), the time has come to face the champion. You can talk to boxers present based on your previous choices. Even Viktor is there.

Coach Fred will offer you a deal and fix the game. By accepting an automatic defeat, you will earn almost 7,000 Eurodollars, which is still not much. But if this last fight is really too difficult for you, it's a good way to conclude quickly, without having to suffer behind your screen. The quest is then considered validated.

The fight against Razor is really violent, and he proves capable of knocking you out in two hits, unless you have a character specialized in unarmed combat. The tips listed above can help you, if you want to win fair. Also aim for the belly rather than the head . An inglorious alternative is to cheat, and rush to drop a powerful blunt melee weapon on the ground from inventory after entering the ring. When the fight starts, it is possible to pick it up and equip it automatically, which makes it possible to win the fight much faster. Just try not to get knocked out first. Once champion, you can talk to everyone, and get congratulated. You will also receive nearly 3500 eurodollars.

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