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The Highwayman Cyberpunk 2077: Quest and Location

The Highwayman Cyberpunk 2077: Quest and Location

A somewhat unusual Cyberpunk side mission asks you to find locations without giving you a marker to find your way around. Discover our guide with detailed maps to find your way around and get a motorcycle, the ARCH Nazaré "Itsumade".

Obtaining all the vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077 is going to take some effort, especially when some side missions are more complex than others. To start this quest, you have to go to a specific place, it is not just delivered to you on a tray.

Unlock The Highwayman side mission

Head east of Rancho Coronado, until you reach the Guns'O'Rama Armory . It's marked with an icon on the map by zooming in, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it. In the back is a garage with a ghost horse on it. Enter the garage, then access the terminal at the back of the room, in order to start the quest.

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After reading the information available in the terminal, V goes to pick up a picture of James and Josie.

Your first objective is therefore to find James. Go to Japantown West, go south of the park, with the 24/7 store. James is in front of the store, sitting on the same bench as in the photo. All you have to do is talk to him.

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Head to the Metro fast travel point, Glen North, in the central part of the city. By using the scanner, you will find traces of blood on the ground. Following the splashes, you'll find Josie's body in an alley, behind a trash can. It is located a little to the west of a drop point. She holds a shard with information about the cause of her death, and the motorcycle she stole from the Tyger Claws.

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Go back to James then, you can choose to tell him the truth, which will make him cry. Otherwise, you can choose the second choice, which will lead to a fight , which will force you to kill him.

It is now necessary to recover the motorcycle in order to conclude the mission. She is in the All Foods factory, north of Watson . It's on the other side of the road, not far from the fast travel point and the drop point. He once again has the ghost horse image on the door.

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To open the garage door, enter the code marked on the bench, the date James and Josie met. The code is 0214 . You can now purchase your new motorcycle, the ARCH Nazaré "Itsumade".

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