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The Highwayman Cyberpunk 2077: Quest and Location

A somewhat unusual Cyberpunk side mission asks you to find locations without giving you a marker to find your way around. Discover our guide with detailed maps to find your way around and get a motorcycle, the ARCH Nazaré "Itsumade".

Blistering Love Cyberpunk 2077: Quest and Choices

This secondary mission allows you to organize a romantic date between Snape and Johnny, via V. Follow our guide with the different steps, as well as the possible choices and their consequences. We also offer some solutions for any bugs encountered.

Cyberpunk 2077 Heroes: Jackie's Choice and Motorcycle

This Cyberpunk side mission can play out in a number of ways, depending on your choices regarding Jackie's body during the heist. Discover the different possibilities and rewards in this guide, such as the choice of the object for the altar, and the iconic guns.

Automatic Love Cyberpunk: Quest, Skye, Angel and Woodman

This main mission of Cyberpunk, carried out in the company of Judy, offers you a lot of choices and original possibilities. In order to help you obtain the optimal result, here is a guide with the possibilities offered and their consequences.

Adam Smasher Cyberpunk 2077: how to beat him?

The last boss of CP2077 is the main antagonist of the license, the personal enemy of Johnny Silverhand. Here is a guide to help you more easily desolder this big combat cyborg who thinks he is the Terminator, regardless of your build and your weapons.

Pyramid Song Cyberpunk 2077: Quest and Romance with Judy

To make your relationship with Judy a reality, you must already unlock this very specific quest, then make the right choices. Here is a guide with the things you need to know to finish your story in the best possible way, and gain access to your apartment.

Cyberpunk 2077 Garage: How to add vehicles to it?

V's adventures in Night City start badly, with an old car that will quickly end up at the garage, as a means of transport. Discover our guide to have the cars and motorcycles of your dreams available on a simple call.

Cyberpunk 2077: New Game Plus

NG+ mode is a popular and requested feature in modern games, since it allows to redo the game faster, keeping the elements gained in its first game. Here is the info you need to know on the subject, as well as a guide to installing a mod you will need.

Sandevistan Cyberpunk 2077: Stance and Legendary Version

One of the best cyberware available in Cyberpunk is speeding up so much that the world seems to be slowing down. It is also the iconic power of David Martinez in the Edgerunners anime. Find out where to find it quickly in this guide.

Takemura Cyberpunk 2077: How to save his life?

Goro Takemura is a key character in Cyberpunk's story, here's a guide to seize opportunities to socialize with him, and keep him alive when Arasaka attacks the apartment, which can improve certain elements of the sequel and the conclusion.

Spellbound Cyberpunk 2077: How to decipher the grimoire?

A side mission given by Nix asks you to meet R3NO in order to buy an old Netrunner grimoire full of Daemons. Here are the possible choices and their consequences in this guide, in order to obtain the best possible result.

Search and Destroy Cyberpunk 2077: Save Takemura

After the festival and the kidnapping of Hanako Arasaka, the situation escalates quickly. V is to meet Takemura at a seedy motel, and the fight quickly ensues. Here is a guide with the important elements to know, as well as their consequences on the continuation and the end of the game.

Tapeworm Cyberpunk 2077: How to complete the mission?

The situation continues to escalate for V, after a series of missions gone wrong. Here's a walkthrough guide for the sequel, with secrets and items not to miss along the way, like an iconic piece of Johnny Silverhand's armor.

Fan Psycho Cyberpunk 2077: Johnny's Code and Pants

V must commit a burglary in order to recover Kerry Eurodyne's guitar in the Psychofan contract, but there is an unmissable opportunity to obtain part of Johnny Silverhand's outfit. Find out all about it in this detailed walkthrough guide.

Play it Safe Cyberpunk 2077: should Oda be spared?

It's time for V to spring into action with Takemura, in this very long mission to capture Hanako Arasaka. It's full of iconic weapons, and there are a few bonus picks to choose from. Here is a walkthrough guide to achieve it in an optimal way.

David Martinez Cyberpunk 2077: Get Edgerunners Anime Jacket

The success of the Trigger anime on Netflix has not failed to restore interest in CP2077, but also in this reckless teenager with a Sandevistan implant. Find out about him in this guide, as well as the position of his pieces of equipment in game.

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