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Killing in the name Cyberpunk 2077: Quest, choices and consequences for Swedenborg

Killing in the name Cyberpunk 2077: Quest, choices and consequences for Swedenborg

An unusually formatted side mission in CP 2077 asks you to investigate with Bes Isis after you receive a series of cryptic messages from the Bartmoss Collective. Here's a guide that's going to help you as you scour Night City in search of the mysterious Rebel.

For once, you won't need to talk too much about your guns in this side mission of Cyberpunk 2077. Instead, it's a kind of wild goose chase, in order to find information on the mysterious Bartmoss collective, which looks like a crypto-communist group lost in the ultra-capitalist universe of the game.

How to start the quest

  • To start, you must receive all the messages from the Bartmoss Collective during Act 2. There is nothing special to do on that side, and you should validate this criterion automatically. The last message includes a link to a website. Go to your apartment, then open the terminal to consult the said site. It also includes a message from Bes Isis to click on .
  • The other condition is to complete the side mission “ A like supreme ”. You will attend a Maëlstrom concert, during which you will meet Nancy, also known as Bes Isis. After this timely meeting, you can call Bes Isis on the phone , so that she can give you information about the collective of Bartmoss and Swendenborg.
Cyberpunk 2077


  • After talking to Bes Isis, you can progress through the side mission as normal, following the points on the map.
  • The first position asks you to climb the stairs outside the building until you reach the penultimate level . A router hangs on the wall, hack it in order to get the following coordinates.
Cyberpunk 2077
  • Go to the second point indicated, then eliminate the Wraiths. Climb onto the roof of the caravan , then hack the router linked to the antenna.
  • The third signal is quite painful to reach. Climb the ladder to climb the huge metal structure. Continue your ascent to the top . The router is on the top floor, on one of the interior panels.
Cyberpunk 2077
  • Upon arriving at your final destination, inspect the Leonora Electronic Clairvoyance Panel near the white building. By connecting to the side router, you will receive the last message. The time has come to make a decision.
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Swedenborg's choice of fate

  • The first option is to talk to Johnny, to tell him that you are going to leave Swedenborg as is, a choice he approves of. You can continue to read his nonsense on his website afterwards, if you like.
  • If you have at least 10 points in technical ability , you can modify the AI to make it generate even more nonsense on the net. Johnny will appreciate your performance, and the site of the collective of Bartmoss will be even tastier.
  • You can simply disconnect the router from the net, in order to put an end to Swedenborg's propaganda. It doesn't add anything special.

Contact Bes Isis

Whatever your decision, you can then call Bes Isis/Nancy again to tell him about Swedenborg:

  • Hiding the truth does you no good.
  • Telling him the whole story will earn you a bounty of 3,960 Eurodollars . This does not endanger Swedenborg a priori (if you have it plugged in). So it's the best option.
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