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Cyberpunk 2077 Free Car: Unlock Motorcycles & Vehicles Easily

Cyberpunk 2077 Free Car: Unlock Motorcycles & Vehicles Easily

V's first steps in Cyberpunk are modest, with a rotten car getting wrecked by a crazed taxi cab. Here's a guide to help you quickly get your hands on excellent vehicles so you can get back up the hill with class and speed.

The majority of vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077 require having some level of Street Cred and Eddies in your pocket to acquire them. Fortunately, there are also quite a few that can be obtained for free, whether by knowing exactly where to look, or by completing certain missions.

Best free car

The good news is that the best car in the game is free. It is also quite easy to obtain, at least when you know its position and its conditions of appearance. It's the Rayfield Caliburn Black. However, you must have reached 40 in Street Cred and have completed the Ghost Town mission in Panam beforehand. It is therefore not possible to obtain it immediately after Le casse.

If you meet the conditions, it is in a container, in the tunnel near the destroyed hideout with Panam. It's quite simply the fastest car in the game.

List of free vehicles

In the absence of being able to unlock the batmobile immediately, here are much more accessible alternatives.

Jackie's Arch (Motorcycle) : Complete the Heroes quest, available immediately after "The Heist".

Cyberpunk 2077

ARCH Nazaré "Itsumade" (motorcycle) : Complete the hidden quest The Highwayman.

Brennan Apollo "Scorpion" (motorcycle) : Quest reward from Life During Wartime .

Villefort Alvarado "Vato" : Complete the boxing mission Beat on the Brat: The Glen by tricking your opponent into betting their car. You must then choose to keep the car, after winning the match.

Archer Quartz "Bandit" : Reward from the Ghost Town quest, sparing Nash.

Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech : Contract Quest Reward: Life's Work Sex On Wheels .

Quadra Type-66 640 TS : Gas Gas Gas Quest Reward.

Quadra Type-66 "Cthulhu" : Quest reward from The Beast in Me , if you spared Sampson.

Cyberpunk 2077

Thorton Mackinaw "Beast" : Quest reward from The Beast in Me , if you kill Sampson, or spare him but manage to convince Claire it was the right thing to do.

Thorton Mackinaw "Saguaro" : Every Grain of Sand quest reward.

Thorton Colby CX410 Butte : Dressed to Kill quest reward.

Thorton Galena "Rattler" : Nomad Exclusively - These Boots Are Made for Walkin' quest reward.

Delamain N°21 : Reward by completing the two quests Epistrophy and Don't Lose your Mind . It takes quite a bit of effort, so it's not a good plan if you're looking for a vehicle quickly.

Cyberpunk 2077

Mizutani Shion "Coyote" : Complete the quest " With a Little Help from My Friends ". By denouncing Panam's plan to Saul, but that will permanently cut off your relationship with her, which is clearly not a good plan.

Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo : A reward from the Chippin' in quest by sparing Grayson, or searching for leads after discovering the map on his corpse. However, you must progress significantly in the main quests to unlock it.

Cyberpunk 2077
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