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Takemura Cyberpunk 2077: How to save his life?

Takemura Cyberpunk 2077: How to save his life?

Goro Takemura is a key character in Cyberpunk's story, here's a guide to seize opportunities to socialize with him, and keep him alive when Arasaka attacks the apartment, which can improve certain elements of the sequel and the conclusion.

Cyberpunk 2077's situation and characters are generally full of shades of gray, and that's the case with Takemura, Saburo Arasaka's bodyguard. Although he was a fanatic about the company, he also had very human aspects, and he never really had the opportunity to make other choices. Unlike him, V has this freedom, which can save Takemura's life, or sentence him to death multiple times.

Cyberpunk 2077

gimme danger

This mission includes an optional part. After picking up the virus, you can offer to help Takemura inspect the Araska Industrial Park in Night City. Offering to accompany him will give you more infiltration options. You can also speak with Takemura, learn more about him, as well as Jackie's body, if you had chosen to send him to the charcudoc.

However, this is not an obligation for the future. If you made the wrong choice, there are no big consequences.

Search and Destroy

At the end of the parade, after eliminating the snipers, you will face Sandayu Oda, in the form of a cyber-ninja. If you want to win Takemura and Hanako's favor as much as possible, and unlock a few extra lines of dialogue, it's best to save it. It is however optional, once again.

The big moment is when Arasaka attacks the apartment you're holding Hanako in with Takemura. The explosion will knock you down to the floor below. You are then forced to make your way to the exit by killing Arasaka's troops. It's important to back up at this point, as it's easy to go wrong later.

When you approach the exit of the building, Johnny will encourage you to flee and abandon Takemura, who is "already dead" in his eyes anyway. To do this, just approach the exit doors.

But if you want to save Takemura, you have to take the second stairwell, in order to go upstairs from the other side . It's easy to make mistakes and evacuate by mistake, so remember to save. Climb the stairs by killing the enemies, until you reach Takemura. After evacuating the place together, you will be separated again until the final mission of the game.

Cyberpunk 2077

Night Op55N1

After meeting Hanako Arasaka, it's time to choose which ending you prefer to explore. Know that if you choose an end other than that in the company of Hanako Arasaka, Takemura will perceive it as a serious betrayal. In this case, he appears in the prologue and curses you before committing seppuku.

If you choose the Hanako Arasaka way for the ending, Takemura and Oda will also be present if applicable (if they are alive). This gives additional dialogue between them, and with Hellman. They will also participate in the battles that follow against the troops of Arasaka. Takemura's presence also gives a few extra passages, for example, when he intends to execute Yorinobu Arasaka. But overall, it doesn't really change the course of the mission.

Cyberpunk 2077

Where is My Mind?

After choosing the Arasaka path, you are now in the rather long conclusion aboard the space station. If Takemura is dead, Hellman will serve as your interlocutor, which gives quite different dialogues. But in practice, this still does not change the choice that awaits you: you can return to Earth, knowing that you have only a short time left to live, in which case Takemura tries to discourage you. Alternatively, you can get scanned and turned into an engram, and in that case, Takemura promises to celebrate your reunion with a nice meal at his home in Japan when you have a body again.

Cyberpunk 2077
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