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Play it Safe Cyberpunk 2077: should Oda be spared?

Play it Safe Cyberpunk 2077: should Oda be spared?

It's time for V to spring into action with Takemura, in this very long mission to capture Hanako Arasaka. It's full of iconic weapons, and there are a few bonus picks to choose from. Here is a walkthrough guide to achieve it in an optimal way.

Even though it doesn't look like much in Cyberpunk 2077, the acts V performs can be considered legendary. To unlock this mission, you must have completed "Gimme Danger" and "Life During Wartime". A day later, you will be contacted by Takemura who asks you to join him. You can pause this quest indefinitely by not going to join it. Hanako Arasaka's kidnapping will require you to face tons of troops, snipers and a big, beefy boss. It is therefore better to prepare beforehand, and carry out secondary missions before tackling this big piece.

Having 11 technical capacity for this mission is strongly recommended if you collect iconic weapons, even if it means having to do a respec beforehand.


  • Join Takemura, then take the shard. Time will automatically advance at the end of the dialogue, which will lead you to the celebration.
  • 3 Snipers must be eliminated during the mission, which can often be accomplished in different ways. In any case, there is no emergency, take the time to search the area and eliminate the guards discreetly when you can.

first sniper

  • Follow the marker, then go up the stairs to the 3rd level. Take a left then quietly eliminate the back sniper.

second sniper

  • You have several options here. We recommend this first method, which consists of climbing on the bridge opposite, before taking the elevator to the 21st floor. Once at the top, you can open the door on the right, then the grid with 11 of technical capacity in order to obtain the iconic weapon "Genjiroh". This is your one and only chance to get your hands on this gun.
  • Turn around, then join the ladder. At the top, cross the footbridge by jumping over the holes, until you reach the hatch. Go down the floors trying to be discreet, there are tons of guards.
  • Finally, jump down until you reach the guard on the balcony. By taking the door on the left, you will finally reach the 2nd sniper, but watch out for the mine. It must be deactivated before approaching and neutralizing it.
  • The alternate path is to descend directly through the trapdoor at the edge of the catwalk, after killing the first sniper.
  • Go down the stairs until you reach the balcony near the 2nd sniper. It's much faster around here, but you're bound to miss the iconic weapon.
Cyberpunk 2077

third sniper

  • Again, there are several possible paths. We advise you to eliminate the guard on the balcony, after the 2nd sniper, then steal his access card. It can be used to open one of the doors on the left, which contains a skill shard and a crafting blueprint .
Cyberpunk 2077
  • Go up one level, then use the elevator to reach the 30th floor. Go down inside the bridge to eliminate the guards. The sniper is at the end of the corridor, but watch out for the mines.
  • The alternative path is to go through the construction site opposite after the 2nd sniper. An elevator will take you to the 24th floor. You will come across guards, footbridges and then a ladder that leads to a footbridge located outside the corridor where the sniper is ambushed.

Netrunner and boss fight

From the position of the 3rd sniper, enter the great room, then use the elevator which leads to the 21st floor. Listen to the song from the balcony, then enter the large room under construction in which the Netrunner is located. It is better to prepare before unplugging her, since this will trigger a fight against Sandayu Oda, Hanako's bodyguard.

There are many ways to beat Oda, so play however you like, using your guns, hacking, or whatever. But if you want to be as stealthy and sneaky as possible, you have to be a Netrunner. To do this, you must use the "Optical Restart" quick hack so that it loses track of you. Then mark it so you don't lose track of it. Go hide behind an obstacle, as far as possible in the room.

Oda will then start tracking you in camouflage mode, but it's a waste of time, since he is marked. By circumventing it discreetly and silently, you can grab it from behind in order to suffocate it. You have to repeat the whole operation a second time in order to defeat him.

Cyberpunk 2077

Spare Oda or not?

  • After winning, Takemura asks you to spare Oda. In absolute terms, it does not change much for you. If you spare him, Takemura will thank you, and Oda will come to assist you during the "Totalimmortal" mission, if you choose the side of Hanako and Arasaka to attack the endgame.
  • Either way, you can strip Oda of his gear, though he still retains his life. You will get a second iconic weapon, "Jinchu-Maru", and two random legendary items.
  • It remains only to activate the virus in the terminal, and then deactivate the security system.
  • Leave the area to end the mission. The next mission will then launch, with another important choice: Search and Destroy.
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