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God of War Ragnarok fights: Weapons, skills... All about the PlayStation exclusive gameplay

God of War Ragnarok fights: Weapons, skills... All about the PlayStation exclusive gameplay

We take stock of all the information in our possession on the gameplay of God of War Ragnarok, whose release date is only two short months away. From elemental attacks to new skills for Atreus, here's everything we know about the game's combat.

God of War Ragnarok fights: Weapons, skills... All about the PlayStation exclusive gameplay

Available on November 8 on PS4 and PS5, God of War Ragnarok should offer extensive gameplay, taking up the excellent bases of God of War 2018. In this guide, we summarize everything we have learned about fights of the game in recent weeks, with Kratos' new skills, but also some observations on the direction that the clashes of this sequel could take .

  • Note: This article will be updated based on new information released by Santa Monica and Sony.

Kratos' weapons

No new weapon has yet been unveiled for the moment, except for the new shield model glimpsed in the game's latest gameplay video. We suspect that Thor's hammer will join the arsenal of the God of War at one point in the adventure, but he can in any case count on the Leviathan Ax and the Blades of Chaos from the start of the game to slay his opponents. Below you can find the summary of all the information concerning these two weapons, with updates when new details are revealed.

Basic Skills

This affliction system seems to be at the heart of the gameplay of this sequel. the afflictions were already present in the previous episode, but this time it seems that they will greatly increase in importance. Currently, the elemental of ice (the axe) and fire (the blades of chaos) have been unveiled, but we have little doubt that this list will expand, for example with Thor's weapon which would logically be of the lightning element. If we want to go further by theorizing a little, we can imagine elementary chain reactions, such as the melting of an ice surface thanks to the blades, then their electrification thanks to the hammer , encouraging you to change weapons on the fly . We do not know if this is the direction that Santa Monica has taken, in any case the elements will certainly be one of the keys to victory in Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok


The son will always be there to help his daddy, summoning magical spirits and using his bow to increase their stunt gauge faster. A new functionality has been added and a new order can be given to Atreus to smash new targets provided for this purpose. In the new clips, Kratos points to green-highlighted surfaces that his son rushes to destroy . This can have a great influence in the fights, with many destructible elements in the arenas.

God of War: Ragnarok

Verticality of the arenas

A fairly simple observation to make by watching GameInformer's short gameplay video: if it is representative of what we can expect in the full game, then we will have to reckon with raised surfaces and many "levels" of arena that will allow Kratos to unleash his brand new jump attacks. For the moment, the daron always seems nailed to the ground, except when he finds himself between two platforms whose jump is scripted, as in the first game. We can see all the same that he will be able to take advantage of this topography in order to knock enemies away or crush them.

God of War: Ragnarok

A bestiary that we are promised larger

We have already had the opportunity to say it in previous articles, but the bestiary is one of the biggest weak points of God of War 2018. The absence of varieties caused a feeling of repetitiveness in the gameplay phases, while he mechanical point of view God of War 2018 has quite a lot to offer. For this new episode, Santa Monica insists on the fact that they have listened to the criticisms and have reviewed the number of different threats on the rise. Great news, hoping it also includes more daunting boss fights than in the first installment of this reboot saga.

God of War: Ragnarok
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