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Seasonal Stags God of War Ragnarok: Where to find them in Vanaheim Crater?

Seasonal Stags God of War Ragnarok: Where to find them in Vanaheim Crater?

Ratatosk, the immortal and schizophrenic squirrel of Yggdrasil, asks Kratos to bring him the herbivores in charge of nibbling the world-tree, in order to save the 9 kingdoms in the service Every season his deer. Find their location in this guide, with a map and directions.

In God of War Ragnarök, the activities to participate in are sometimes terribly difficult, like berserkers, but they can also be trivial, like hunting the deer of the seasons. Although it takes place in the crater, and you are even awarded a Trophy, it is validated naturally by exploring the area. However, there are some subtleties, and navigating the area is not that easy. So we will explain everything to you.

God of War: Ragnarok

Where to start the quest 

If you've been looking through the list of trophies, and if you have no idea where to find the deer, it can indeed be frustrating. To begin, you have to advance far enough in the story, until Chapter 12. Kill Heimdall, rescue Freyr, then return to camp in Vanaheim. Then follow the dog in search of her master, at the exit of the camp. This will take you up a cliff. Kratos will then deploy the floating Drakkar, which will take you to the optional region to the north, the Crater. This is a large area full of bosses and side quests. Progress through the area until you reach the Celestial Altar. Bring down the night, then go face the Crimson Terror dragon , which is attacking the tower your friend is in.

After killing the dragon and climbing the tower, you will find the first deer in the area. Theoretically, you could start the quest by finding another Seasons Stag, but this is the closest. Talk to the squirrel, then use the nearby mystical portal to go to Sindri's House to talk to Ratatosk the squirrel. He will then give you the quest to find them.

God of War: Ragnarok

Position of the 4 stags

If that wasn't clear enough for you, here is a map with the position of each deer, including the first one, as well as directions on how to find them. You must have spoken to Ratatosk before, so that he gives you special fodder, which you need to bring back the deer.

God of War: Ragnarok

Winter deer (blue)

The Blue Stag can be found right next to the tower, not far from the Frozen Lightning, and right next to a mystical portal. This is good, since you will have to go back and forth to Sindri by finding it. This place is only accessible at night the first time, so remember to activate the celestial altar.

God of War: Ragnarok

Autumn Deer (Orange)

This deer is also near a mystical portal. You'll come across it quickly as you enter the sub-area, and there's nothing special you need to do to reach it. It must always be at night, otherwise you risk being blocked by an obstacle.

God of War: Ragnarok

Summer Deer (Purple)

In the Jungle sub-zone, this deer can be found on the left bank. To access it, you will probably need to restore the water supply from the river, at the bottom of the area.

God of War: Ragnarok

Spring Deer (Green)

This stag can be found in the underground area of the Crystal Wishing Well, you can enter it through the Sinkholes, by facing the dragon blocking the tunnel, or through the Jungle, by opening the dam to restore the water supply to the river. You must then kill the rock-throwing ogre on his island. You can then open the gate on the opposite bank, and thus access the well.

God of War: Ragnarok

Once the 4 stags have been sent back to the fold, all you have to do is go back and talk to Ratatosk, in front of Sindri's. He will give you the Shield Disruption Round, and the trophy.

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