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What are the best Summoners War: Lost Centuria monsters?

While Summoners War: Lost Centuria primarily relies on your strategic sense and your team building, having certain characters in your ranks can help a lot. Here is our tier list of the most effective monsters in Lost Centuria.

Outriders Guide: World Tiers

The World Tier in Outriders affects the level of difficulty you will face, as well as the level of loot you’ll be able to obtain. Here’s our guide on how it works.

How to get the secret ending in Returnal

Completing Returnal for the first time doesn’t mean it’s over – you’ll have to collect the secrets required to unlock the alternate ending, so that Selene can escape the cycle.

Outriders Complete Trophy Guide

There are 44 trophies available in Outriders, and a lot of them are achievable through completing the main story. If you want to get 100% and platinum the game, you will have to complete the end-game.

How to farm legendaries in Outriders

The crème de la crème of Outriders is, of course, the legendary weapons and armor. However, it is not a simple task. In this guide, we explain how to optimize your legendary farm.

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