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Diablo Immortal Lost Runes: How to light all 9 lamps?

A Zoltun Kulle Library quest asks you to light nine lamps at the same time to unlock the sequel in Blizzard's mobile MMO. Here is a guide with the solution to this riddle, as well as that of mirrors that reflect light.

Diablo Immortal PvP Arena

The mobile version of Diablo has a PvP event called Proving Grounds in which teams of 4 must compete in order to open a chest containing a legendary object. Here is the presentation of this game mode, its position and how it works in order to help you obtain its rewards.

What are the best classes to advance fast in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal is a game with a lot of content, and exploring it in its entirety will take time. However, there are certain classes with which you will be able to advance faster. We give you the best classes depending on what you want to tackle!

Getting started Diablo Immortal well: All our tips for Blizzard's new game

Want to take your first steps on the F2P MMO Diablo on Mobile or PC? Discover our detailed guide with advice and some mistakes to avoid to progress quickly and not miss anything during your adventures in Sanctuary: choice of server, class, improvement of equipment.

Diablo Immortal: repairing the client, why is this important?

Does your game suffer from bugs or connection problems, whether on PC or mobile? The remedy may be in front of your eyes, via the manual repair of the game client. The maneuver is very simple, but for some obscure reason Blizzard has not yet automated it on the first connection.

Osiris Dislyte: how does his banner work?

With the arrival of The Lone Star update, a brand new banner is appearing: that of Ollie aka Osiris on Dislyte. Her pity is different from the classic summons, so for you to understand her, here is a guide that will surely shed some light on your lanterns.

Where are the cash registers in Fortnite?

Opening a cash register is one of the last quests of the season. Logical, since you will be able to spend all your bars before the update resets! It's time to fill your pockets.

The Lone Star Dislyte: how to take advantage of the Osiris event?

Osiris aka Ollie has finally arrived on Dislyte and he makes a very distinguished entrance as he brings with him a limited time event: The Lone Star. The shops are very generous, but how do you take full advantage of all the rewards?

Play on the best Fortnite Subway Surfer maps

Subway Surfer is a popular mobile game about dodging trains while collecting coins. Fortnite fans have designed maps in Creative mode that replicate this mini-game, using new running and sliding features!

V Rising: What is the maximum item level?

While waiting for a roadmap and the addition of new content, already planned by the developers, let's see what is the max level for your vampire on V Rising. Note that the game will be in early access for a year and therefore things may change in a few months.

Quartz V Rising: Where to find it to make glass

Useful for the construction of the castle but especially for the making of stone of the plague, the glass is a primordial resource in V Rising. And to get it, you will need to find Quartz in large quantities. Here are the best spots.

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