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Quartz V Rising: Where to find it to make glass

Quartz V Rising: Where to find it to make glass

Useful for the construction of the castle but especially for the making of stone of the plague, the glass is a primordial resource in V Rising. And to get it, you will need to find Quartz in large quantities. Here are the best spots.

Quartz V Rising: Where to find it to make glass

Although Quartz is easy to spot in the environment of V Rising (thanks to its white color), it is a rather rare resource that is not available everywhere like Copper for example. If you are having trouble getting it or understanding its use, you will find all the useful information below.

Quartz: why collect this resource?

If the quartz itself is not really used, it is essential for the manufacture of other very useful materials such as Glass for example, which will then be used for the manufacture of many structures for your castle and the stones of flail .

  • Put your Quartz in the Furnace to get Glass (it takes 20 Quarts for 1 Glass only)
  • The Glass then obtained will allow you to build a lot of objects for your castle but especially flail stones (still in the furnace),
  • Blightstone = 1 whetstone + 3 glasses + 3 grave dust
  • Blightstones are extremely important for crafting powerful jewelry, castle keys and powerful dark silver weapons (tier 3)
V Rising

The best spots to farm Quartz

It is possible to find Quartz from the second area (Dunley Farmlands), especially on the roadsides, but here are three places to prioritize:

First Spot - Dawnbreak Village

You can collect a little over 600 Quartz there by entering the Village and then climbing to the top of the Church. Below, jump to find a few more. Beware of the Human Boss Beatrice the seamstress (level 38) who is prowling the place. It makes it possible to obtain the human form and the loom in particular, but also the assortment of curtains, the hunter's cape, the fabric and the cotton thread.

Second spot - Village of Mosswick

Another human village with a church. If over there there is no Boss guarding the place, pay attention all the same to Christina the Priestess of the Sun (level 44) who often prowls around. It is important to kill her because she will give you the Glass Recipe ! Although glass is a resource found on enemies, Christina will allow you to craft it yourself later thanks to Quartz. Eliminating it will also give you the Empty Glass Bottle recipe, the Sacred Resistance Potion, and the Blood Rose Potion.

Also watch out for enemies called the Chimes who run very fast and can bring other enemies back to help them eliminate you.

Third Sport - Dunley Monastery

Few Quartz to destroy here but a phenomenal amount of enemies that will drop if you eliminate them. However, beware of Boss Raziel le Berger (level 60). If you kill him for the first time, he will give you the recipe for the Athenaeum (the Tier 3 research office) but also the silver resistance potion and the corrupted relic. On the power side, he will grant you the Crimson Ray, a spell that inflicts a lot of damage and can also heal nearby allies.

V Rising

There you go, you can now go back to the castle and put your pieces of Quartz in the Furnace to get Glass.

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