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Fishing V Rising: How to fish, 3 points to know everything

Fishing V Rising: How to fish, 3 points to know everything

A quick fishing crash course in this new V Rising guide to make sure you don't miss out on those harvesting spots that can pay off big, with minimal time investment. From crafting the rod to the highest level fishing points, we tell you everything.

In addition to harvesting minerals and harvesting humans, V Rising also offers fishing spots that can provide sometimes very interesting objects . We are going to see everything there is to know about this umpteenth form of farming , in 3 main points which should allow you to know everything about fishing in two steps.

fishing rod craft

You will get the recipe at the same time as the cabinetmaking workshop by sucking up the V blood of Rufus the Foreman, one of the bosses at the start of the game. You will therefore need the workbench and the materials below to go on a quest of poiscaille and improbable loot. In addition to your weapon and your tools

Fishing Rod Recipe

  • 6 boards
  • 3 copper bars
  • 3 coarse threads
V Rising

How to fish in all areas?

  • Locate the lapping on the surface of the ponds to draw your rod and click on it. Then you have to wait for a big splash to appear on the screen to left click again .
  • The spots appear randomly on potentially all aqueous surfaces, however some spots are clearly "fixed". The reappearance of these points is similar to that of the veins of minerals on the roads or the rarity of the chests encountered.
  • It's never clearly indicated by the game, but your ability to fish in higher level fishing spots is conditioned by your item level .
V Rising

Why fish?

  • Fishing allows you to collect a rather mind-blowing variety of different loot : from the piece of equipment to the research book, passing through purely cosmetic rusty helmets... As soon as you see a water point, take advantage of it, you could have good surprises.
  • The devourer will be happy to recycle all your fish, you should get bones, oil, and even chitin on higher level fish .
  • You'll need a Twilight Snapper fairly quickly if you want to summon the Putrid Rat to your castle and gain Rat Form. This transformation is useful for hiding from patrols, or for setting up ambushes in PVP.
  • Fish are the food of choice for your prisoners, so you'll need a good supply of them if you're going to save a human with a good blood type class and exploit their precious vital liquid to make potions for difficult fights. .
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