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V Rising: New Patch introduce Balance Change

V Rising: New Patch introduce Balance Change

A new V Rising update has been released by Stunlock. The latter contains rebalancing on many aspects of the game and also brings some changes to the objects available on the world map.

V Rising: New Patch introduce Balance Change

Stunlock continues to fix the few issues with the launch of V Rising and takes the opportunity to announce 1,500,000 vampires on Steam . A great performance on which the studio intends to consolidate by feeding their title with numerous adjustments aimed at making the experience optimal. This new big batch of fixes comes to make two new capes available in the world and some changes have been made on the dismantling of castles .

Patch Notes 0.5.41669

  • Added ‘Texture Quality’ to the ‘Graphics Options’ menu, which can greatly reduce texture memory usage.
  • Added FPS Limit Option to Advanced Graphics Options.
  • Changed Low-Quality Atmosphere to High-Quality Atmosphere to keep the options menu consistent.
  • Fixed a bug where the antialiasing option could not be set to anything other than TAA from the main menu.
  • Stairs have been added to the ‘Castle Floors’ tab in the build menu to make it easier for players to find them.
  • Fixed missing meshes on particular world objects.
  • Fixed an issue that caused performance drops when hitting Night Marshal Styx the Sunderer with specific abilities (ex. Mirror Strike).
  • Added ‘Respawn’ hotkey to the ‘Controls’ settings menu.
  • Maximum clan size has been increased to 50 (game client hosting is capped at 20), If there are more than 10 players online, only the 10 closest and online will appear in the clan HUD.
  • Clan HUD will now properly show names with different colors depending on if the clan member is online or offline.
    ‘Server Details’ will now show the amount of in-game days the server has been running for.
  • Fixed an issue where a Soul Shard could be put in a container if the user swapped another item in the container with a Soul Shard in the player’s inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate armor buffs could be applied to a player, causing their gear level to increase above max.
  • Altering the ‘Refinement Cost’ and ‘Refinement Rate’ server settings no longer affects the blood essence consumption rate of the Castle Heart.
    The drop rate of the following items has been slightly increased:
  • Seeds for various plants
  • Schematics (tier 3 research)
  • Golden Jewelry
  • The following items can now be found in-game:
  • Razer Hood
  • Razer Cloak (T1/T2/T3)
  • Occurrences of multiple spawns of the same V Blood units will now be repaired upon server restart.
  • Fixed an issue where the Castle/Player PvP indicator in the escape menu was using game clients’ local time instead of being retrieved from the Server.
  • Cooldown is now applied correctly when swapping weapons while having a recast active. This means that players can no longer reset cooldowns by swapping the spear or the sword to a different weapon during the recast window.
  • Optimized server memory by removing data from disconnected users.
  • The client no longer tries to load old config files and will not get stuck in a white screen if the config files are invalid.
  • Any player can now dismantle castles, structures, and floors if a castle exists without a heart (this could occur due to an issue that was fixed in hotfix Patch 0.5.41448.) This allows players to clean out structures that would otherwise exist forever due to the missing castle heart link.
  • Added a loading screen when starting up which replaces the white screen that was previously there.
  • Fixed the issue where some computers rebooted when connecting to a game.
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