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Diablo Immortal: repairing the client, why is this important?

Diablo Immortal: repairing the client, why is this important?

Does your game suffer from bugs or connection problems, whether on PC or mobile? The remedy may be in front of your eyes, via the manual repair of the game client. The maneuver is very simple, but for some obscure reason Blizzard has not yet automated it on the first connection.

Diablo Immortal has been out for a handful of days and gamers are pretty happy with Blizzard's title. Admittedly, the pay to win aspect is repugnant to some fans, but the game is still very pleasant even without paying a penny. As for the bugs at launch, the game managed to pass between the drops, but for some users, problems remain. Latency, blockages on the start screen, bugs...

Blizzard regularly hotfixes patches to adjust the shot, but there's something you can do yourself to make your gameplay experience more enjoyable: client repair .

How to repair his client?

On Diablo Immortal, the player can manually activate their client's repair. The maneuver is very simple, but the game interface lacks a bit of clarity.

Diablo Immortal

Once in the start screen, you just have to click on the icon circled in red , on the screenshot above. The game will then offer to repair the client automatically the next time you launch the game.

Then, completely quit the application and then relaunch Diablo Immortal, for the repair to be carried out .

On mobile, a quick repair

From mobile support, customer repair can be even easier. All you have to do is launch the game, then click on "repair client ", which is written in fine letters, at the bottom left of your screen. After downloading data, the application will offer to repair the client the next time you start the game.

Diablo Immortal

Fixing the client regularly won't always solve your problems, but it's something to keep in mind if you ever encounter a bug.

Diablo Immortal: on App Store and Google Play Store, is the game off to a good start?

Criticized during its very first announcement at Blizzcon 2018, Diablo Immortal made a very good launch on PC, IOS and Android, four years later. The mobile game is at the top of downloads in many countries, whether on Google play store or App store.

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