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Wordle May 31 : What is today's Word — Tips and Answer

Wordle May 31 : What is today's Word — Tips and Answer

Today's Wordle number 346 is available and here's May 31 word but also spoiler free tips if you want to find the word yourself with a little help.

Wordle May 31 : What is today's Word — Tips and Answer

Derived from the excellent but a bit outdated game show Lingo, Wordle is the digital version, playable on any web browser, on PC and on mobile. The principle is identical to that of its predecessor, but it is surely not useless to remind the different rules, just after having offered you some clues and the answer of the word of the day.

Hints and answers of the Wordle of Tuesday May 31, 2022


  • First letter is M
  • The word discribe a type of house
  • Has 2 vowels


And finally, if you still haven't figured it out, here's today's answer:

  • The answer to today's Sutom is : Manor
  • Main definition of the word according to the dictionary : A large country house with lands; the principal house of a landed estate

How to play Wordle?

  • Go to the game website
  • The player has 6 tries to win the game, by guessing the word of the day
  • This mystery word consists of 5 letters, and is common to all users on a given day. It changes, of course, at midnight.
  • The player can only make proposals that are part of the dictionary of the game
  • After validating an attempt, the box with a letter in the right place will be filled in green
  • The box containing a letter that is part of the word of the day, but which is incorrectly placed, will be filled in yellow
  • The "useless" letters as well as the "yellow" and "green" letters are colored on the keyboard below the grid to help the player.

For example, here is the path of a classic Wordle grid:


Other games that are similar to Wordle

The various lockdowns have had many negative effects on the world's population, but if they are to be credited with anything, it is that they have allowed some creative people to take time to sit back and brainstorm. Among other successes, Wordle appeared in 2021 and inspired some competitors. In France, for example, there are Sutom and Tusmo, which are MOTUS' anagrams (MOTUS being the french version of Lingo).

Recently, SUTOM has been in trouble since a huge TV channel threatened its creator with a lawsuit for a few hours. Social networks proved to be useful and showed the community attachment to their daily game. Waiting for a fate like Wordle, bought by the New York Times for several million dollars? Hard to believe, but you never know...

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