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Genshin Impact Hunter's Path: stats, passives, all about the Hunter's Path

Throughout your adventures, you will face various enemies who will not hesitate to attack you. To defend yourself, you will need weapons and Genshin Impact game is full of them. In this guide, we are going to focus on the weapon with the name of The Path of the Hunter.

Sumeru Genshin Impact: How to get to the new region?

Genshin Impact update 3.0 is now available and you can now discover the Sumeru region but for that, you would still have to know how to get there. We offer a guide that will take you to the first Statue of the Seven in the area where the Dendro element rules.

Owen Warzone season 4: the best class for this submachine gun

The best class for the Owen on Warzone? In this guide, we give you all the accessories to put on this submachine gun, the assets that stick perfectly with this weapon and of course some explanations on our choice.

Where to find all the Dendroculus of Sumeru?

Dendroculus are Sumeru's new oculi. These collectibles will always be useful for you to make offerings to the Statues of Seven who will reveal themselves to you. You will find here the complete list of all the locations of these items.

10 Useful Tower of Fantasy Tips

Find our 10 tips to perfect your adventure on Tower of Fantasy. This list is not exhaustive and will undoubtedly allow you to optimize your gampelay.

Nucleus Tower of Fantasy: how to get it easily?

Do you have a high level of collection and want to summon for free to obtain simulacra on Tower of Fantasy? In this guide, we explain how to easily obtain useful red, black and gold nuclei to place an order.

Tower of Fantasy antacid varnish: where to find it?

In order to improve your weapons, but also to complete the Navigation on the Starry Path event, you will have to consume Antacid Varnish. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we explain how to get them easily.

Where to find the flying saucers?

Flying Saucers and Impulse Grenades are back in Fortnite for the week! We give you the locations of these machines for Season 3 of Chapter 3, whether you want to complete challenges or just have fun with them!

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