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The Huntress God of War Ragnarök: How to beat this boss?

The Huntress God of War Ragnarök: How to beat this boss?

The third boss in God of War Ragnarok is a fairly straightforward centaur, despite the element of surprise and the fact that your equipment leaves something to be desired. Here's a written strategy guide with tips and tricks for defeating it on maximum difficulty.

God of War Ragnarök loves ambushing Kratos, with a boss attacking him by surprise from a blind spot. We can clearly see that he is playing Warrior or Barbarian, and not Thief. The goal of this guide, as well as all the others, is to help you beat the bosses on maximum difficulty, "God of War only", so that they are relevant for all levels.

The Huntress is a mini-boss, she doesn't have much health, and even on max difficulty we beat her on the first try, which is quite unusual. It is nevertheless a breath of fresh air after this big nag of Thor and all his life bars.

Specifics of the fight

The Huntress is not difficult, but her fight serves to introduce or vary some important rules:

  • Your shield is broken, you cannot block attacks. Parry also doesn't seem to work properly, so avoid melee combat.
  • For the first time, Atreus assists you on a boss. Remember to regularly press "Square" to exhaust its stock of arrows. He can have up to 3, and they regenerate quickly. This will greatly facilitate your task, since it quickly fills the boss's stun gauge, in addition to inflicting some damage. In the worst case, it produces a dodge, giving you time to breathe.
  • This is also the first boss fight where Blades of Chaos are available. We advise you to use them , not only their range makes them useful in this fight, with an enemy who prefers to keep his distance, but in addition, it will be an opportunity to familiarize yourself with them for the future. Since your shield is broken, it's best to avoid melee fights anyway.
  • The Huntress's horns will glow regularly . Throwing a projectile at it, whether it's your Chaos Blades or the Axe, will cancel the current attack and stun it (L2 + R1 or R2), giving you a golden opportunity to tackle.
God of War: Ragnarok

List of attacks and how to counter them

This is very rare in God of War, but the Huntress mostly fights from a distance. Also, since you don't have a shield, the type of attack doesn't matter, you're forced to dodge .

  • Quick Shots (Normal Attack) : The Huntress shoots several fiery arrows at you. Do dodges and side rolls while trying to get closer.
  • Explosive Shots (Normal Attack) : Shots are fast, but they aim for the ground. They leave explosive areas that must be avoided. You just have to manage your movements outside the zone.
God of War: Ragnarok
  • Volley of flaming arrows (red attack) : Undoubtedly the most dangerous and painful attack of the fight. The huntress shoots a line of arrows. You have to dodge, but forward . If you dodge sideways, you'll end up in the area of another arrow. A funny detail is that if you touch the horns when this attack has just been launched, the arrows disappear in the air, so feel free to be aggressive.
  • Double hoof kick (yellow attack) : Getting into melee is not the end of your worries, the huntress will attack you with her front hooves, then she will turn around and kick you. So you have to dodge twice. Keeping her distance and only approaching when stunned seems easier.

    As always, feel free to use your Spartan Rage when your health is low.

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