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Locations of all chests in Sumeru

On Genshin Impact, a new region to explore is also hundreds of chests to search. These containers can only be opened once, but together they form a large store of various resources.

Four Leaf Clover Temtem: how to get it without skate?

The Four Leaf Clover is a piece of equipment that allows you to improve your catch rate for Temtems. However, to obtain it, the skates will be your faithful allies. In this guide, we explain how to get them without this tool.

Getting started in Temtem in 2022: Our 7 tips!

Here's our beginner's guide to Temtem 1.0, the Pokemon-like with MMORPG gameplay. You will find some tips to get your adventure off to a good start and things not to be overlooked.

Lady Lottie Temtem: how to beat her?

The first major opponent you will encounter in Temtem is Lady Lottie, leader of the terrorist group. In order to make the fight easier for you, discover all the tips to know how to beat her in the different fights that you will engage with her!

Sophia Temtem: How to Beat Arissola Dojo Champion

The first Dojo in which you will be able to venture is that of Arissola which is governed by Sophia, the champion of these places. In order to help you, you can find in this guide all our tips for defeating Sophia.

Temtem interactive map: which map to use to locate Temtem?

Temtem can be quite tricky to get, especially when focusing on just one. To help us, there are tools called interactive maps whose purpose is to show the locations of objects or resources. Today, we present to you that of Temtem.

Temtem Battle Pass: is it worth buying?

To celebrate the release of Temtem, the developers have implemented a Pass system: the Trainer Pass. And, wondering if it's worth buying? In this guide, we give you some indications so that you can make your choice!

How to add and play with a friend?

Temtem is a cross-play MMO where you can play in co-op, fight and trade with friends. Here is the procedure to add friends in the game.

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