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Tower of Fantasy relic: how to get and improve them?

Relics are sort of gadgets that help players in Tower of Fantasy exploration or combat. In this guide, you can find the complete list of relics and the various ways to obtain them.

Tower of Fantasy: List of World Bosses and their locations

You want to rub shoulders with the various World Bosses of Tower of Fantasy, in particular Robarg, Apophis or Cryobot, but you don't know where to find them? In this guide, we give you the position of each of them!

Bug Tower of Fantasy: Stuck in the scenery? This is how to unstuck

Launch of MMORPG obliges, Tower of Fantasy is strewn with some bugs and one of the most annoying is that which prevents you from moving, stuck you in a cliff or another element of the decorations. Here's how to unlock without having to quit the game.

Constellation Tower of Fantasy: Location and walkthrough of all telescopes

You were exploring Navia in Tower of Fantasy except you found yourself stuck in front of a telescope with the constellation of the hare, the dragon and the herdsman to connect? In this guide, you are given the solution to all the puzzles related to the constellations.

Tower of Fantasy lava pit: How to solve the puzzles?

During your exploration of the Banges region, you have undoubtedly come across a lava pit, but you don't know how to activate it? In this guide, we give you the solution to this riddle.

Tower of Fantasy password: All the codes to collect the rewards

Abandoned trucks or shelters with blue barriers are scattered around Tower of Fantasy, but electronic locks, digicodes and other dismantling devices stand in your way? Find in this guide all the passwords given by cryptodroids.

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