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Disney Dreamlight Valley crows: Finally available, how to tame them?

Disney Dreamlight Valley crows: Finally available, how to tame them?

Here is how to approach the Ravens of the Forgotten Lands in Disney Dreamlight Valley and especially what is their favorite food to tame them easily. You will also find the list of colors and the days of availability.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in early access but has just released a big content update on October 19, 2022. The opportunity to enjoy a season 2 for the Way of the Stars, new special furniture for Halloween, the arrival of Scar and his quests, a bug fix but also the availability of Ravens, finally! They have been part of the game's Critters in your Collection since the beginning but had not yet been added. Go to the Forgotten Lands to meet them.

Where to find Ravens and how many there are?

Location / times of the crows and colors

Before showing you how to tame the crow, here is where to find it and the colors available.

  • Where to find it? Forgotten Lands
  • Number of colors available : 5
  • Favorite food : any 5-star dish
  • Difficulty : Easy

    Days and times updated regularly throughout the following week.

white crow

Available Wednesday all day.

blue crow

Available Thursday all day

brown crow

to define

classic crow

Available Thursday all day

red crow

Available Wednesday all day.

What food to use?

  • The crow loves 5-star recipes : you can concoct them from the start of the game with Ratatouille for example or Bouillabaisse.

How to tame the crow easily?

The crow is actually quite easy to tame, you just have to be patient.

  1. Approach the Raven (difficult to spot however because there are many trees),
  2. He will see you, rise a little in the sky and spin around like a bird of prey looking for prey on the ground,
  3. Wait a few seconds for it to stop circling,
  4. Approach it once it stagnates and interact to give it the food.

    Note that this can sometimes bug due to the number of trees present in the biome! If you want to make your job easier, don't hesitate to remove some trees using the edit mode.

Important : feeding an animal does not guarantee that you will get it into your collection so that it becomes your companion. You have a small chance of this happening and only one try per day!

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