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LoL: How to get free skins and exclusive chromas during Worlds?

LoL: How to get free skins and exclusive chromas during Worlds?

These rewards were announced a few months ago, but due to new bugs, Riot Games had to change how they are obtained. Find out how to get these cosmetics in League of Legends.

LoL: How to get free skins and exclusive chromas during Worlds?

The League of Legends World Championship is an exciting event, where the best teams on the planet come together to try and put on the greatest show for fans of the game. To attract even more spectators, including people who don't are not really interested in esports, Riot Games has decided to offer gifts to players who watch the world while being connected to their LoL account. The developers have prepared a system of guaranteed 'drops' which should allow you to obtain different cosmetics. Among them, exclusive Chroma designed in collaboration with the American brand Tiffany & Co , which manufactured the 2022 Worlds trophy.

Exclusive skins and chromas lootable by watching the Worlds

The distribution of Chromas should have started on October 16, the last day of the group stage. However, due to a combination of technical issues and confusion, most of the community was left without the promised reward. This is why Riot Games changed the entire reward distribution system and broke its golden rule. Instead of making a single distribution of each cosmetic, the drops will be repeated, in particular that of Akshan (with which there were bugs) allowing players who are just starting to watch the Wolds to recover all the cosmetics.

Chromas to loot - League of Legends
Chromas to loot

Riot Games insists that this measure was an exception and will not be repeated unless there are exceptional circumstances. It is therefore not to be expected to review this system in the years to come. They have shared the drop schedule with the community. Here's when the next rewards will be distributed (in metropolis time).

  • Crystal Rose Zyra Chroma : October 23, 2022 from 10:55 p.m., during the first game of the quarter-final between DRX and EDward Gaming. This is the last day of this knockout phase.
  • Crystal Rose Akshan Chroma : October 29, 2022 from 10:55 p.m., during the first game of the semi-final between JD Gaming and T1.
  • Crystal Rose Swain Chroma : October 30, 2022 from 9:55 p.m., during the first game of the second semi-final.
  • Ward des Worlds 2022 : November 6 from 12:55 a.m., during the first game of the final.

    Basically, you have to watch the first innings of all the matches to come.

The last four games of the 2022 Worlds will have guaranteed
The last four games of the 2022 Worlds will have guaranteed "drops"

In addition to these guaranteed rewards, there will be more drops in 2022 matches . The first time you get one will be a Worlds 2022 Pod, which will contain either a Hextech Chest with Key, an Esports Pod, or an exclusive Worlds 2022 Icon. , the chest being quite rare). These rewards can be obtained at any time, depending on the different actions of the professionals (steal objectives, quadra/triple kill, ace etc.). There will necessarily be a drop in case of pentakill.

  • Note : All League of Legends players can receive Crystal Rose skin chromas, but only those who own the corresponding skins can use them. They will become available if the skin is purchased or obtained later.

How to Get the Free Worlds 2022 Rewards

To obtain this free content, you must watch Worlds 2022 from the official Lol Esports website while connected. As it's an official Riot Games site, you just have to enter your Riot account ID (which you created while playing LoL). You must be connected directly to the site, it is not necessary to launch the game. Moreover, the game is not automatically detected by the site, so you must manually connect to it. It is recommended to use Firefox, Chrome or Edge browsers and disable all ad blocking extensions. 'addblockers' can prevent you from receiving the reward . In addition, if you use Firefox, you must deactivate the "Enhanced Tracking Protection" function.

Emojis and other rewards can also be obtained these Worlds 2022 - League of Legends
Emojis and other rewards can also be obtained these Worlds 2022

In summary, Worlds 2022 free drops are obtained by following these steps.

  1. Launch Chrome, Edge or Firefox
  2. Disable "addblockers" and the Enhanced Tracking Protection system (Firefox)
  3. Enter the official lol esports website and log in with your Riot ID
  4. Watch the matches live, with everything ready 5 minutes before the match starts. (don't totally mute commentators, otherwise bugs may occur. Drops stay on if sound is muted, but may bug if muted)

It is not possible to receive the rewards by watching directly on Twitch, you have to go through the official Riot website.

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