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Path of the Stars Villains Disney Dreamlight Valley: Missions and rewards for Season 2!

Path of the Stars Villains Disney Dreamlight Valley: Missions and rewards for Season 2!

You will find in this guide all the rewards and missions available for the Path of the Stars number 2 on Disney Dreamlight Valley. The opportunity to get rare Halloween furniture and an adorable raccoon companion! Here are some tips for completing the Pass easily.

The new Villainous Star Lane event is now live on Disney Dreamlight Valley thanks to the Scar update. It therefore began on October 19 and will last until November 11, 2022. As a reminder, La Voie des Étoiles is a kind of Battle Pass that can be found in free games such as Overwatch 2 for example. Although Disney is still in early access (and therefore paid), it will borrow the free-to-play model by 2023.

Free and paid rewards

Just like for Season 1, this new Path of the Stars offers two possibilities:

  • The free version : with only half of the rewards to be obtained and 3 missions to be completed at a time,
  • The paid version : with all the rewards (often better) and 6 missions at a time to collect points

    In order to upgrade to Premium, you need to spend 2500 Moon Stones.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here are all the rewards that can be obtained if you collect all the points and the Premium version. The most interesting objects are undoubtedly the mechanical Raccoon Critter and the Halloween furniture perfect for decorating your Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

The list of missions and tips to complete them easily

In order to earn points and collect the various rewards of the event, you will have to complete the following missions:

  • Remove 10 Nocturnal Thorns
  • Collect 100 Tomatoes : seeds to buy at the Enchanted Beach
  • Prepare 20 dishes of any star (the best being to make them 2 stars in order to sell them for the other mission)
  • Start 2 daily conversations with Merlin (force to wait 2 days to complete this mission)
  • Sell 30 2-star dishes
  • Harvest 50 Blueberries
  • Offer 10 favorite gifts to the townspeople
  • Extract 15 Peridots: Found in Tranquil Meadow or Enchanted Beach (if you take a Companion to double your earnings, it won't count)
  • Catch 30 fish on the Enchanted Beach (wait until you have the herring mission to start it)
  • Earn 20,000 Star Coins (sell stuff at Goofy's Stand)
  • Complete 10 Dreamlight missions
  • Harvest 20 purple flowers (Drooping Penstemon or Purple Rising at the Esplanade and Tranquil Meadow, Purple Impatiens at the Forgotten Lands, Purple Milkweed at the Bayou, Hydrangea on the Beach and Campanula in the Forest)
  • Prepare 25 3-star dishes (the best is to make the grilled vegetable dishes)
  • Catch 30 Herring : Enchanted Beach White Circles
  • Start daily conversations with Ursula
  • Harvest 50 peppers (seeds purchased from Goofy's Stand in Forest of Courage. Peppers grow in 15 minutes)
  • Cook 20 dishes with corn (seeds to be purchased at the Enchanted Beach Goofy Stand)
  • Sell 25 carp (use Moana's boat to get some easily. Otherwise, you can fish them in the blue circles of the Forest of Courage and soon the Sunny Plateau when you clear it with Scar's quest)
  • Extract 5 Brilliant Aquamarines (Enchanted Beach or Forest of Courage)
  • Earn 20,000 Star Coins
  • Remove 30 nocturnal thorns
  • Cooks 15 dishes with garlic (you can make appetizers with just 1 garlic)
  • Offer 6 favorite gifts to Merlin
  • Extract 60 minerals
  • Start 2 daily conversations with Mother Gothel

    This list is not yet finalized. It will be updated within the week.

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