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Vitalys Mines Disney Dreamlight Valley: All about this new area!

Vitalys Mines Disney Dreamlight Valley: All about this new area!

With the new update bringing Scar and Halloween, Disney Dreamlight Valley also allows us to explore a new area: The Mines of Vitalys! Rare gems, chests, coal... This is all you can find inside this cave.

Disney Dreamlight Valley finally gives us the benefit of a content update deployed on October 19, 2022. The opportunity to meet the new character Scar, to restore the Sunny Plateau in order to fish there, to enjoy some Halloween festivities but also to unlock a new area called the Mines of Vitalys !

Vitalys Mines: unlock the new area

It is not a biome per se or even a place of history like the cursed cave or the mystical cave for example. The Mines of Vitalys are an integral part of the Sunny Plateau and allow you to discover new gems in particular!

  • Price to unlock the area : free
  • Prerequisites : you must have started Scar's quest (this implies having paid the entrance to the Sunny Plateau and having finished The Curse with Mother Gothel)
  • Important : there are no teleport wells in this area
  • Where is the entrance? Once unlocked, the entrance to the area is just behind Goofy's Stand (if you haven't moved it) and more specifically at the start of the Sunny Plateau river.
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Shining rocks and other peculiarities

The first time you enter the Mines, you will have the impression that it is huge and that it is a real maze. Fortunately, after several explorations, you will know its every nook and cranny by heart. Here's what to remember:

  • The main circuit makes a loop : starting from the entrance and going to the left, you can very quickly reach the camp (where you had to put Super Sparkling Racinette in the barrel to eliminate what was clogging the river) and so the output
  • You have to finish Scar's story quest so that the water level rises and this gives you access to a small wooden raft that overlooks a rock and a chest,
  • There are 4 green chests to find in the Mines the first time around,
  • All wall outcrops (mining rocks) can give you new materials in the game: ruby, sapphire and Vitalys crystals
  • At the camp, there is a stove on which you can cook.
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Vitalys Mines: All resources in the area

In the Mines of Vitalys, you will only find gems and mining materials. So there is no Goofy stand, flowers or even fish to catch in the water. As its name suggests, this area is only made for mining rare gems that sell for a lot of money. Do not hesitate to come with a character at level 10 of friendship whose profession is Extraction.


Mining everywhere. You can also find some at Kristoff's Stand.

Selling price : 2 coins


Mining everywhere. You can also find some at Kristoff's Stand.

Sale price : 5 coins


By mining. Useful for making iron ingots.

Selling price : 10 coins


By mining.

Selling price : 20 coins

Crystal of Vitalys

By mining.

Selling price : 12 coins

Very useful for making fertilizer.


By mining.

Selling price : 1000 coins

shiny ruby

By mining.

Selling price : 4000 coins


By mining.

Selling price : 1000 coins

shiny sapphire

By mining.

Selling price : 4000 coins

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