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Buy something from a care dispenser

In Fortnite, Vending Machines aren't new, but their locations change from season to season. In this new season 4, you will have to buy a healing item from one of them. Here you will find their locations for the Paradise season.

Eric Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to unlock it and complete its quests?

Here you will find the walkthrough for all of Eric's missions in Disney Dreamlight Valley: a very important character that will allow you to give Ariel human form and sell unique DIY plans! Here's how to unlock it, where to find the nautilus, and repair its compass.

3-star Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes: Sorbet, fugu... All dishes

In Dreamlight Valley, you can cook tasty meals to increase your characters' friendship level, complete quests or restore your energy. Here are all the 3-star recipes that can be made in the gameloft game, from maki to vegetarian stew!

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