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Frozen Flame Leviathan Axe God of War Ragnarok: Where to find all the upgrades?

Frozen Flame Leviathan Axe God of War Ragnarok: Where to find all the upgrades?

Kratos' main weapon is his trusty ice axe, but again it needs to be maxed out with special and rare materials. Discover their position in this guide, so you don't miss any and gain power quickly.

Predictably, God of War Ragnarok is almost starting from scratch, with all the hard-earned gear and upgrades from the previous game being lost to Fimbulvetr, the terrible winter that precedes Ragnarök. It is of course an easy excuse, used in order to privilege the gameplay and the progression.

Kratos still has his trusty Leviathan Axe, although it has regressed to level 1, he will be able to upgrade it again to level 9, given enough time and effort on your part.

God of War: Ragnarok

Improved Leviathan Axe

Each upgrade to the ax will add +15 Strength to it, in addition to boosting its base damage. It will also unlock new skill tiers to invest your experience in, so you can use new attacks and powers.

God of War: Ragnarok

A notable bonus is the evolution of the appearance of the axe. It will look more and more robust, and gilding, as well as runic marks will appear on it, when you approach level 9.

The price of axe upgrades is fixed, you need a single Ice Flame each time, then go to a blacksmith.

God of War: Ragnarok

Frozen Flames Location

The vast majority of Frozen Flames are obtained as part of the main story, and they cannot be missed. If you want to upgrade your weapon, the easiest way is usually to move forward.

  • 1st Frozen Flames : Kill the mini-boss The Huntress, during the introductory chapter of the game Survive Fimbulvetr.
  • 2nd Frozen Flames : Kill the mini-boss Alva, in the Temple of Light in Alfheim, during the The Secret of Groa chapter .
  • 3rd Frozen Flames : Free Freya from her curse in Vanaheim, after defeating Nidhogg , during the The Hour of Reckoning chapter.
  • 4th Frozen Flames : Kill the special enemy Hell Wanderer , the enemy with a big two-handed sword in Helheim , during the Reunion chapter.
  • 5th Frozen Flames: Kill the Amalgam of Fire during the main chapter The Summoning.
  • 6th Frozen Flames : Slay the Crimson Terror dragon , in the "For Vanaheim!" service. This is the only side quest of the lot, you have to reach the optional area of Vanaheim , to the north by following the dog, after having saved Freyr.

Frozen Sparks

As you probably noticed, there are 8 upgrades to the axe, but there are only 6 Ice Flames, so 2 are missing. The reason is simple, you have to collect Ice Sparks on bosses and during related activities, in order to reform the last two Frozen Flames. It takes 6 for a flame.

We don't have a list of all the Sparks yet, but you can find one each time you close a Helheim Realm Rift . It is therefore impossible to improve the ax to the maximum, having to have completed the main story.

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