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Red Dead Redemption Guide 2: Best horse, taming, Arabian thoroughbred

Red Dead Redemption Guide 2: Best horse, taming, Arabian thoroughbred

Discover the position and conditions that allow you to acquire the legendary white horse of RDR2 with this guide, as well as some tips and a video to help you capture it more easily.

Red Dead Redemption Guide 2: Best horse, taming, Arabian thoroughbred

Having an excellent mount is a major asset in Red Dead Redemption 2, both during chases, travels, and for a simple matter of prestige. If you have purchased the improved versions of the game, excellent horses are waiting for you at the stable, but there is one even better one waiting for you in the wild: the wild Arabian thoroughbred. You'll probably be happy to know that it can be captured very early in the game, as you'll just have to reach the missions in Chapter 2 and then ride your current horse before heading west.

Bring clothing adapted to cold weather, as well as food for you and your horse, it will not be a luxury.

You can find the Arabian thoroughbred on the west bank of Lake Isabella. He is easily recognizable by his white coat and the fact that he is the only wild horse in this area of the map. However, its colour does not make it easy to distinguish in snow. Finally, it should be noted that there are more powerful horses at the pure statistical level, but these are often very expensive and unlocked very late in the game, so we leave you with this third list of the best horses.

Red Dead Redemption 2

You will probably have to have finished the mission with Hosea in Chapter 2, with his initiation to hunting legendary animals, for the horse to appear.

Once the horse is spotted, the difficult things start:

  • Take out your binoculars and study the horse from a distance with RB.
  • Approach on foot slowly while holding LT down, press Carré/X to stop him from a distance, then approach slowly while pressing Carré/X regularly to calm him down. If you are too close or too fast, it will run away.
  • Once you're close enough, caress him.
  • It is then time to pass the strap over it and ride it with Triangle/Y.
  • Here is the really complicated, even frustrating step, you have to break the horse, and this one is really stubborn. To do this, use the left pad (LS/L3) and orient it so that it does not fall out. You'll have to hold on for a while before the horse is tamed.

If you fail, which is likely to happen, you have to start from the beginning. That is, approach him slowly by calming him down. It may take time as he will flee in the distance with each failed attempt.

Statistics (max. value 7)

Health 5
Energy 5
Speed 6
Acceleration 6

Tips and tricks

By quickly moving the pad from left to right in a loop, you can easily break the horse in. The invisible QTE of maintaining balance seems validated as long as you continue to the end.

You can use the lasso to catch the horse to prevent it from running away if it fails. It gives you time to soothe it but you shouldn't drag it out, it drains your energy.

Whistle your horse regularly so that it follows you, you will need it to catch the Arabian thoroughbred in case of leakage, and especially, to transfer the saddle after breaking in.

Written by Robin "Raiden" Bouquet. Translated from French by

Millenium Rédaction

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