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The best M82 Warzone loadout

The best M82 Warzone loadout

Thanks to weapon balancing from Raven Software, the M82 sniper rifle has become a popular choice in the ever-evolving metagame. In this guide, find the best attachments to equip and the best loadout.

The best M82 Warzone loadout

Ever since the release of Warzone, players have turned their attention to sniper rifles in order to get the upper hand over the opposition in long-distance combat.

Thanks to regular doses of weapon balancing implemented by Raven Software, the M82 has grown in popularity alongside the more popular bolt-action options that regularly appear in the loadouts of players. 

In contrast to the bolt-action snipers, the M82 features a semi-automatic firing mechanism, giving players the ability to fire multiple shots in quick succession. With the huge number of attachments available in the Gunsmith, it can be tricky to choose the best combination that has maximum impact on the battlefield.

So, what are the best attachments to choose? Find out below!

M82 Warzone Best Attachments

Due to the semi-automatic nature of the M82, it can be very easy to follow up an initial shot with another to deal the highest amount of damage possible. Here are the best attachments to select:

  • Barrel: 22.6" Combat Recon
  • Muzzle: Wrapped Suppressor
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Stock: SAS Combat Stock
  • Ammunition: 7 Rnd

This combination provides an increase in bullet velocity which reduces any drop-off caused by engaging with a target at extremely long distances. In the hands of players, the M82 feels heavy which is why we selected the SAS Combat Stock in order to improve levels of mobility.

M82 Warzone Best Loadout

While the choice of attachments is arguably the most important feature of a Warzone loadout but selecting the best Warzone Perks can further improve the performance of players over the course of a match. Here are the best to use with the M82:

  • Perk 1: EOD
  • Perk 2: Overkill
  • Perk 3: Amped

When sniping, it's highly likely opponents will utilize Lethal Equipment in order to flush players out of position. EOD increases explosive resistance which will allow players to stay in the heat of battle for longer periods of time.

Overkill is a Perk that must be picked in order to guarantee success with the M82. Having a strong secondary weapon in the back pocket to fall back on where the M82 can't compete is the key to success.

The third and final Perk is Amped. The increase in weapon swap speed drastically improves versatility as it enables players to switch between the M82 and the secondary weapon quickly in order to adapt to the situation that lies ahead.

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Despite its lack of popularity and viability amongst the Warzone metagame, the VLK Rogue is a shotgun that should not be underestimated. Find the best attachments to use and the best loadout for this close-quarters beast in this guide!

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