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League of Legends S12: Lillia Jungle Build Guide

Season 12 Build Guides
League of Legends S12: Lillia Jungle Build Guide

Find out all you need to know to build Lillia Jungle in League of Legends Season 12, including runes, items, and skill order.

League of Legends S12: Lillia Jungle Build Guide

From runes to items, gameplay tips amd more, we've put together a guide to help you master playing Lillia in the jungle in League of Legends.

Be mindful that there are several ways to build and play a champion, and you'll need to be adaptable as the game and the enemy team progress.

That said, this guide is a good starting point to helping you get to grips with the champion and making an impact in your games.


Lillia Rune Choices - League of Legends
Lillia Rune Choices

Core Items

Liandry's Anguish

3200 Gold

Zhonya's Hourglass

2600 Gold


Liandry's Anguish is a great item for Lillia, offering high damage over time and plenty of mana and ability haste.

Zhonya's Hourglass is core for almost any AP user, especially an AP jungler who will seek to engage trades. 

Other good items include the core Demonic EmbraceMorellonomicon, and Cosmic Drive.

Starting Item & Boots

Refillable Potion

150 Gold

Jungle Item

350 Gold

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

950 Gold

Skill Order

While your choices may differ according to how the game progresses, the typical Lillia skill priority is:

R > Q > W > E

Summoner Spells

These are the summoner spells most typically taken by Lillia in this role. Naturally, this may change depending on match-ups.

Flash - League of Legends
Smite - League of Legends


Lillia has decent base damage, as well as %health damage, making her effective in long fights with more beefy opponents. She's weak 1v1, so try to stay away from those trades, but instead look to hit as many enemies as possible with Lullaby.

  • Level 1 - Take Q - Blooming Blows, for easier jungle farm.
  • Level 2 - Take W - Watch Out! Eep!, for area damage.
  • First Back - Work towards your Liandry's with a Lost Chapter, which will help with mana sustain.

Tips & Tricks

  • Your passive will activate the Dark Harvest rune.
  • Blooming Blows offers a substantial move speed boost which can stack up to five times, meaning you can traverse the jungle quickly. It also helps you escape being hit - land an ability, and use the boost to dodge the attack.
  • You can use Flash during Blooming Blows to surprise an enemy, or to ensure the edge of the zone lands.
  • When you're back in base, use Swirlseed on your lane of choice.
  • Watch Out! Eep! is hard to land on a moving enemy, try to keep it for when a champion is rooted, stunned, or slowed. 
  • Lilting Lullaby sends enemies to sleep for 1.5 seconds - if they are hit during this time, they are awoken but take additional damage. If you need the numerical superiority, leave the sleeping enemy alone.

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