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League of Legends S12: Olaf Jungle Build Guide

Season 12 Build Guides
League of Legends S12: Olaf Jungle Build Guide

Find out all you need to know to build Olaf Jungle in League of Legends Season 12, including runes, items, and skill order.

League of Legends S12: Olaf Jungle Build Guide

From runes to items, gameplay tips amd more, we've put together a guide to help you master playing Olaf in the jungle in League of Legends.

Be mindful that there are several ways to build and play a champion, and you'll need to be adaptable as the game and the enemy team progress.

That said, this guide is a good starting point to helping you get to grips with the champion and making an impact in your games.


Olaf Rune Choices - League of Legends
Olaf Rune Choices

Core Items


3300 Gold

Sterak's Gage

3100 Gold


Goredrinker is a key item on an auto-based champion like Olaf, offering plenty of lifesteal and sustain. 

Sterak's Gage ensures he can't be caught out by burst damage when ganking a lane. 

Other good items include Death's Dance, Spirit VisageRanduin's Omen, and Thornmail.

Starting Item & Boots

Refillable Potion

150 Gold

Jungle Item

350 Gold

Defensive Boots

1100 Gold

Skill Order

While your choices may differ according to how the game progresses, the typical Olaf skill priority is:

R > Q > E > W

Summoner Spells

These are the summoner spells most typically taken by Olaf in this role. Naturally, this may change depending on match-ups.

Flash - League of Legends
Smite - League of Legends


Olaf has exceptional jungle clear, and your mission will be to get ahead so that when you gank lanes post 6, you'll be almost unstoppable. Staying at low health to clear the jungle camps will be even quicker too, thanks to your passive.

  • Level 1 - Take Q - Undertow, so that you can clear camps quickly. 
  • Level 2 - Take W - Vicious Strikes, for even faster clear and lifesteal.
  • First Back - Start working towards your Goredrinker.

Tips & Tricks

  • It's better to use Ragnarok once in a fight, rather than to engage initially. You'll always want to maximise its uptime, and those seconds lost approaching an enemy usually aren't worth it.
  • Remember to pick up the axe after using Undertow, so that its cooldown is reduced. In the jungle, throw it at your feet so you can claim it more quickly.
  • Vicious Strikes give you attack speed and lifesteal, so if you're running low you'll become an absolute monster due to the synergy with your passive.
  • Don't be afraid of death on Olaf, your role is to storm in and deal as much damage as possible before you succumb.
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