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How to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Lakebar in Lost Ark

How to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Lakebar in Lost Ark

If you're looking to get your hands on every Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark here are all the locations for Lakebar

There are a total of 1209 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark and getting all of them will unlock exclusive rewards that you might not want to miss. While some of them are well hidden here's the locations for all of them.

NOTE: Some seeds might be unobtainable at first as you'll need special spells or songs to open hidden paths.

Every Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark in Lakebar

Lakebar - Lost Ark

There are a total of 25 explusive rewards one you gathered all the Mokoko Seeds and all those can be exchanged from the Mokoko Village.

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