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V Rising Whetstone: Where to find it, how to make it?

V Rising Whetstone: Where to find it, how to make it?

If you're looking to create your own Whetstones in V Rising or to find some on the map here's our complete guide on how to do just that

V Rising is not only about killing bosses and exploring but also crafting and gathering and here's how you can get or craft your own whetstones.

Where to find Whetstones

You will have to check all the bandit camps you come across. These are points of interest that are placed on the outskirts of the exit from the tutorial area and you will come across them regularly throughout your exploration of the woods. Prepare yourself a little, because these camps are sometimes populated by high level soldiers who can possibly make your life hard , we recommend that you have at least reinforced your bone set, you will be more serene when approaching these trials. You will absolutely have to go through this farm stage before you can make one, since the design of the grinder will require you to have 4 whetstones already made .

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How to make whetstones?

You will have to face a boss nestled in one of the bandit camps on the map: Grayson the Armorer is the enemy to defeat to get your hands on the whetstone recipe (don't hesitate to help yourself of the interactive map if you want to find its position in the world very quickly. the defeated boss, you will need the grinder and the furnace to transform all that.

Whetstone recipe

  • 480 stones
  • 60 copper ores
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