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Stone Brick V Rising: How to make it?

Stone Brick V Rising: How to make it?

In this short guide, dedicated to a new resource in V Rising, we will see how to make stone bricks using the grinder. They will then be used to build a more resistant castle and with already much more presence.

It is true that during the first hours of play, the dream of living in a "castle" worthy of a vampire lord is still far from tangible. But as you slowly progress through V Rising's common thread quests, the game will eventually require you to upgrade to stone brick constructions . From this point the serious things begin, let's see how you will be able to get some thanks to the grinder.

How to make a crusher?

This is one of the first Refining Workshops you'll come across in the V Rising build menu. But you will have to go through several stages that will require you to collect materials that are a little more advanced than simple stone and fibers. To be safe, you will need to have upgraded your hammer to be able to type in copper ores. Improved armor is also recommended for clearing bandit camps.

V Rising

First step: the stove

You will need copper ore and for that, you will have to go through the small step indicated just above: improve the hammer. The copper veins will push you deeper into the woods, but you should come across them regularly on your way. Then you will have to burn 80 copper ores inside, to create the 4 ingots necessary for the design of the crusher.

V Rising

Second step: The whetstones

It's a little unsettling, but in order to be able to craft whetstones, you're first going to need to find some in the wild to build the grinder.

Stone bricks and dust, the resources of the grinder

Once the necessary components have been collected, return to your camp and start the crusher site. This workshop works, like all the other automatic stations, thanks to the essence of blood that you have collected during your victories. By sliding rough stones into the crusher, you will collect stone dust, necessary for the manufacture of sharpening stone and the famous bricks necessary for the development of your castle.

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