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Toast MultiVersus: How to get it and what is it for?

Toast MultiVersus: How to get it and what is it for?

Currently available in open beta on most platforms such as PC or PS4, MultiVersus is THE free fighting game of the moment. And if you're wondering what toast is for or how to get more, here's a dedicated guide!

The MultiVersus open beta is finally available and it's an opportunity for many players to discover this ambitious Super Smash Bros-like borrowing some gameplay concepts from League of Legends. Free to download on most consoles, the fighting game featuring iconic Warner Bros characters is on the rise at the moment, and you may be one of the players who would like to improve your skills while waiting for the final release of the title ! For this, we offer you a selection of guides on our dedicated portal and a focus, today, on toast, a resource as appetizing as it is useful on MultiVersus.

Toast: what are they for and how to use them on MultiVersus?

Toasts are collectibles that you can get from time to time in the fighting game. It is possible to use them to reward your opponents or teammates during a multiplayer game. With crossplay enabled, you can gift it to any player and in any multiplayer mode.


Once used, a Toast gives 20 coins (Gold) to the player of your choice.

You can toast a player directly at the end of a match. To do this, wait for the rematch progress bar to end and click on "Give a Toast" at the top of the player of your choice. Note that it is only possible to offer one Toast to the same player at the end of a game but that you can always give it to him during another match. If you are well advanced in the game (and you have already unlocked all the characters on the roster, for example), you can use them to help a new player or one of your close friends.


How to get more Toast on Multiversus?

After the tutorial, you will directly get 5 Toasts that you can use at the end of a multiplayer game. Spend them sparingly as this is a rather rare resource that can be obtained in three different ways:

  1. You can buy some by clicking on the "Collection" tab. 10 Toasts cost 350 Coins.
  2. You get 5 at Tier 4 of the Battle Pass (free) or 10 at Tier 6 and 10 at Tier 12 of the Battle Pass (premium),
  3. You get 5 each time you level up a character to level 3 .
  4. You get 5 for free every day.

    So the best way to farm Toasts is to upgrade all your characters to level 3 and use Coins (Gold) to buy new characters (and so on). Be careful however, the game is still in open beta, it is not recommended to buy Toasts with your coins, even once all the characters have been acquired. It may be best to save them until the in-game Store opens.

    This has yet to be confirmed, but it may be possible to obtain some by passing player levels and/or completing daily missions. We will update this article when we have the information while playing.

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