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Agnihotra Sutra Genshin Impact: how to complete the quests

Agnihotra Sutra Genshin Impact: how to complete the quests

Sutra of Agnihotra is one of Sumeru's large volumes of quests. It unlocks the Melody of Renewal, and advances in the "Children of the Forest" mission. All sprinkled with multiple rewards, of course!

Agnihotra Sutra Genshin Impact: how to complete the quests

Sumeru's new storyline in Genshin Impact is broken down into several large blocks of quests. Agnihotra's Sutra is one of them, and this set of missions will open several doors for you, such as using the Melody of Renewal, or even a new branch in the Children of the Forest mission.


  • Be advanced in the quest Nursery in a dream - Aranyaka 2.

Where to start the quest?

Genshin Impact

From the outset, the quest will introduce you to Kusava, a feature related to Aranakin, which allows you to repair certain broken elemental steles.

Note: the Kusava is a gadget, to be selected from your inventory.

Use the Kusava to repair the first Dendro pillar, at the very beginning of the quest. Then use the Dendro item on the repaired pillar.

Genshin Impact

To activate the orange plant on your way, use the Dendro element. These orange plants activate paths of light that will make you float in the air.

Genshin Impact

Use your Dendro powers on the Dendro pillars, or the Kusava on the broken pillars. The water level in the cavity will drop.

The Zohrab mushroom

The first steps of this sub-quest are simple; you just have to follow from point to point by activating the rudimentary mechanisms that we talked about above.

When you come to a sealed cave, summon Dendrogranums with the appropriate stone.

Genshin Impact

Then activate the Runestone, just to the left of the sealed cave.

Genshin Impact

Strike using the Dendro element on the sealed door of the cave. Inside, use the kusava again on the rock, just entering. Activate the third, a little further, to spawn enemies.

Catch up with Lunja

Move forward to catch up with Lunja, until you come across another orange rising plant. Shoot the bags of red explosives at the foot of the plant. The green traps will all prime, and the orange plant's light path will activate.

Shoot the explosive bags to blow up the wall of rocks blocking the exit from the cave.

After a final fight, you will unlock the Melody of Renewal .

At moonrise

To initiate this sub-quest, seek out Aragaru. The quest starting point is just south of the Chatrakam Cave, near the water.

Genshin Impact

Enter the passage on the side of the cliff.

Use the Kusava to undo the pile of rocks blocking the passage.

Once in the cave, defeat the Fungus, and go near the wall writings, in yellow.

Genshin Impact
  • Continuing into the cave, look for a pile of rock covered in vines . Use the power of Kusava to undo it, and see other yellow runes on the wall behind.
Genshin Impact
  • Even further to the west, at the bottom of the cavity, you will find another of these rock piles to break with the Kusava.
  • Climb the trunk that acts as a bridge to climb up to the third and last rock pile.
  • Leave the cave by taking the tunnel that goes up. A last use of the Kusava will be required to break a wall blocking the exit.
  • Jump into the chasm, and take the west-facing tunnel, inhabited by hostile fungi.
  • When you are facing a large portal animated by Dendro, look for two blue fairies .
  • Follow the fairies. You will need the Dendro item and the Kusava to progress through the tunnel.
  • Discover the mechanisms using the Kusava to destroy piles of rocks and vines.
  • Accompany the fairy to the giant Dendro portal.
  • Repeat the maneuver on the other side, with the other Fairy
Genshin Impact
  • Once the mechanisms of the two fairies are activated, the Dendro portal will open.
  • Follow the fairy again.
These structures on the walls, made of rocks and vines, are destroyed using the Kusava (gadget). - Genshin Impact
These structures on the walls, made of rocks and vines, are destroyed using the Kusava (gadget).

The final chapter

This sub-quest begins in Mawtiyima Forest.

Genshin Impact

You will at some point be asked to summon Dendrogranums on an archer.

With your archer, shoot the green bulbs floating in the air, using a charged shot.

Genshin Impact

The Dendro shield in the center will then give way. Use the Kusava in the center of the platform.

Follow the green fumes to the next objective.

In this sub-quest, the Kusava animates submerged buildings, like here. - Genshin Impact
In this sub-quest, the Kusava animates submerged buildings, like here.

Once back at Aranaga, you must wait for the moon to rise (11 p.m.).

Change the time on your in-game clock to access more content.

Clean the pollution of dryness

Once in the cave of dryness, you will have to use the various powers of the Kusava, discovered earlier.

  • Repair the stelae and mechanisms
  • Break up piles of rocks and vines.

To knock the red bud off the platform, you need to take a Dendrogranum, and use a charged attack on the red bud.

Genshin Impact

On the second platform, you must also use the Kusava on an underwater building, at the bottom of a hollow tree trunk .

On the third platform, the building is at the bottom of a cave.

Then, go down to overcome the ultimate miasma of dryness.

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