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God of War Ragnarok Secret Ending, Wetlands: How to Trigger It?

God of War Ragnarok Secret Ending, Wetlands: How to Trigger It?

Warning do not read this article if you have not yet finished the scenario of the new God of War. In this little walkthrough, we will see how to trigger the final sequence which will then unfold the full credits of this huge game from the end of 2022.

The Path of God of War Ragnarok may be over, but that doesn't mean the adventure is over, far from it. You still have a bunch of ultimate bosses to bust and remnants of Asgard have fallen in all the realms of Norse mythology. But before you jump into the race for end-game content, here's how to trigger its true end.

Where is the secret ending of GoW Ragnarök?

If God of War 2018 ended with the arrival of Thor on the doorstep of Kratos and Atreus, the secret end of Ragnarok is much less engaging since it is ultimately only an epilogue around the one of the characters in the adventure . Start by going to the Svartalfheim tavern where Luna and other dwarves will pay homage to good old Brok. They'll let you know they're planning a Viking funeral worthy of his Draupnir Spearsmith statue. Then teleport to the wetlands of Aurvangar , the very first passage between the worlds taken at the beginning of the adventure in the chapter In Quest for Tyr. Then take the ferry linked to a huge chain, to join the group and attend Brok's funeral.

God of War: Ragnarok

More endgame scenes are waiting for you

We will have the opportunity to come back to this in one or more other articles, but this is not the only "epilogue" sequence that you can trigger in the game. Indeed, sequences related to Thrudd and other inhabitants of Midgard, among others, await you around the 9 kingdoms. This has almost no playful interest and it is not linked to any kind of trophy allowing you to access platinum, however it gives small clues concerning the continuation of the God of War series. But this time we would be entering a big spoiler zone, even for those who have finished the game and this famous side mission of the Vikings Funeral.

God of War Ragnarok progression: Skills, build, XP... How does it work?

Like its elder, God of War Ragnarök offers an RPG-style progression, with statistics, equipment level and a good shovelful of resources and important items to support it all. In this guide, we will see the main axes of the progression of the game to start well.

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